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Best Corner Guards for Childproofing
Updated on
January 4, 2024

Best Corner Guards for Childproofing

By Babylist Team
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Cover sharp corners on tables and hearths to protect little bodies from bumps and bruises.Best Corner Guards for Childproofing

You never realize how many sharp edges your home has until you become a parent. Then suddenly, you see all the ways your little one can poke an eye (or at least get an ugly bruise or head injury) on the corners of glass tables, wooden desks and metal fireplace hearths.

But corner guards—little covers that cushion corners—soften hard, pointy spots so you can breathe easier when your tot takes a spill for the 49th time in one day.

Here are the best cornder guards for childproofing around your home.


Made from food-grade, silicone rubber, these corner guards won’t crumble or cause concern if your tot tries chewing on them. They provide sleek cushioning and come in both black and white. (Note that this product shouldn’t be used on painted or chipped furniture.)


The thick foam of these guards absorbs impact and helps protect your little one from getting a serious injury. Double-stick tape keeps these two-by-two-inch cushions in place. And, they come in a chocolate brown color that may look better on wood surfaces.


Clear and transparent, these rubbery corner protectors blend in with furniture, making them less noticeable to little ones—–and you. They also stay soft and in place over time thanks to a pre-applied gel adhesive that’s safe for furniture. They’re designed to be harder for tykes to grip and rip off.

Classic Pick

These traditional corner guards have high-density foam, which better absorbs impact, and are loaded with adhesive so they stay in place. The material is non-toxic and the design offers full coverage of sharp corners. They come in three colors: oyster, brown and black. They also make a kit that includes these corner guards as well as a furniture bumper that wraps around a table.

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