7 Best Potty Chairs of 2022
Best Potty Chairs and Seats
September 17, 2020

Best Potty Chairs and Seats

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Best Potty Chairs and Seats.
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Potty training can be tough, but once your child is done with diapers, it'll all be worth it.Best Potty Chairs and Seats

We’re not going to lie. Potty training isn’t up there with one of our favorite parenting jobs. But the bright side? Once your child is done with diapers, it will seem so worth it. So when you and your little one are ready to tackle this parenting rite of passage, purchase a potty chair or seat and give it a go.

Potty Chair vs. Potty Seat

There are two potty training options: a free standing potty chair or a kid-size seat that fits into your standard toilet.

The potty chair is portable and easy for your child to sit down on since it’s a miniature version of the real thing. But you’ll have to dump the contents of its dry basin into a regular toilet and then clean it out after each use. A potty chair can also clutter up a small bathroom.

On the other hand, a potty seat doesn’t take up any extra bathroom space since it simply rests over the regular toilet seat. There are no worries about your child falling in because the seat reduces the basin hole and lets your little one rest easy without having to balance. But you will need a step stool to help your child reach the seat, and when grown-ups have to go, the kiddie seat needs to come off.

Do You Need a Potty Chair or Seat?

Many toddlers are intimidated by the size of the toilet, so starting off with a pint-sized version made just for them can often be a step in the right direction when it comes to potty training. If you do want to skip the chair completely, which for some kiddos is totally fine, we do recommend purchasing a potty seat to put over your regular toilet seat. It often requires a balancing act for your kiddo’s tiny rear not to fall through the hole in the toilet, so most parents find that adding a potty seat helps their little one feel more comfortable and relaxed. (You can also add a step stool so they can reach the seat all by themselves.)

When Do You Need a Potty Chair or Seat?

You’ll probably notice sometime between one-and-half to three-years old that your toddler doesn’t need as many diaper changes because they aren’t going to the bathroom as often. That’s a great indicator that your little one may be ready for toilet training. Other signs might include an awareness when going to the bathroom or a sudden interest in all things potty.

Which Potty Chair or Seat is Best?

Choosing a potty chair or seat depends on what you think will work best for your family. We’re including our favorites in both categories to make narrowing down your choices even easier.

Minimal + Modern

Sleek and simple, the BabyBjorn has a comfortable high seat back and a splash guard that works. It comes in a range of colors and is easy to clean. If you’re looking for a similar seat with an even smaller profile, check out the brand’s Smart Potty, which takes up even less space.

Comfortably Contoured

Designed to fit almost all standard toilets, this potty seat is designed to hold your toddler securely in place to help them feel safe and secure. We love the easy-grip handles, the non-skid edges to prevent movement and the built-in splash guard. The bottom of the seat is shaped like two “feet” for convenient stand-up storage. Don’t want to store it on the floor? Use the handy potty ring hook to hang it on a towel bar or on the side of the bathtub.

The Real Deal (Almost)

The My Size potty is exactly what it sounds like—a pint-sized toilet that looks (and sounds) like the real thing. Featuring a toilet handle with a flushing sound, a flip-up lid and a built-in wipes dispenser, this miniature version of the real deal will help your little one feel comfortable and confident while potty training.

If your kiddo is going to use a potty seat, they’ll need a step stool not only to help them climb up onto the big toilet, but also to give their feet a firm place to plant as they do their potty business. But no need to buy a separate stool for this seat—a tiny step ladder is conveniently attached! The height is adjustable to fit just about any toilet (but not square-shaped toilet bowls), and the feet and step are safe and slip-proof. And the whole thing folds up when it’s not in use.

Customized Fit

This lightweight, comfortable seat features an adjustable dial that provides a secure fit on almost any toilet. There’s also a inward-facing splash guard to prevent spills and a built-in handle for taking the seat on and off and for easy hanging storage.

All-in-One Option

If you’re torn between whether to purchase a potty chair or seat, the Munchkin 3-in-1 checks both boxes by featuring a removable top that works either on the potty chair itself or on the regular toilet. We like that it has a lid and that there’s a seat over the removable basin so little buns don’t stick. There’s even a baking soda disc built in to eliminate nasty odors.

For On the Go

As much as the thought of leaving your home during potty training terrifies you, the reality is you’re going to have to step out your front door at some point during the whole process—but don’t do it without bringing along this travel potty. It can be used as a potty seat when you’re out and about or as a stand-alone potty chair by adding these bags. And it all folds compactly for easy storage under your stroller, in the trunk of your car or even in a diaper bag.

Choosing What’s Right for You

We know potty training can sound daunting, but we promise that with consistency and the right gear, you’ve got it covered. A few things to keep in mind as you decide what kind of potty to purchase should include: How much space do you have in your bathroom? Do you need multiple potties? Can you deal with the ick factor of dumping and cleaning out a potty chair basin? And of course don’t forget to consider what makes your child feel the most comfortable and in control; at the end of the day, that’s what matters most.

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