Best Potty Training Books for Babies and Toddlers in 2023
Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers
January 6, 2023

Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers

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Best Potty Training Books for Toddlers

Potty training is an exciting and stressful time for both parents and toddlers. Whether it’s a process that spans several months or you’re attempting the three-day method (we wish you the best of luck…and minimal cleanup), reading a few potty-focused books to your toddler can make reaching this milestone a little more fun.

From demystifying the strangeness of poop (and the reassurance that everyone does it) to friendly faces cheering your little one along, these potty training books were written with curious—and maybe a little nervous—toddlers in mind.

Sometimes the first hurdle of potty training is getting your little one to understand what’s been happening in their diapers. And it’s not uncommon for toddlers to suddenly be embarrassed by the fact that they poop. The reassuring lesson of this classic book is that poop happens naturally after you eat, so everyone who eats, poops. Everyone.

Everyone Poops

If your little one is brand new to the potty and feels a little unsure, they’ll probably find this story very relatable. The toddler in this book takes their time approaching their new potty, waiting until they’re truly ready. Playful rhymes, bouncing rhythm and fun lift-the-flaps can ease potty time worries and remind your toddler that it’s okay to not be ready right away.

A Potty for Me!


While there are many aspects of raising a child that can be gender neutral, some parents prefer to stick to gender-specific potty training books for obvious reasons. This particular book features Hannah, a toddler who has just received her first potty, and she’s really proud to finally graduate out of diapers! If you’re potty training a boy, there’s a boys’ version that features Henry instead. Both versions have the same message: if you have an accident, or if you end up sitting and waiting on the potty for a while, it’s okay; just keep trying, and you’ll be so proud of yourself.

The Potty Book for Girls


If you find potty talk to be a little embarrassing, don’t worry, we understand. Some toddler potty books can feel heavy-handed with their vocabulary, so we like this option for a more gentle, toddler vocabulary-friendly approach. Combining soft, motherly narration, simple language and anatomically correct illustrations, this book has been a potty training go-to for 45 years. This version features Joshua, and there’s also a girl version that features Prudence. Keep in mind: while the illustrations are anatomically correct, the book doesn’t use anatomical terms for body parts. Also, because this book was written in the ’70s, the potty doesn’t look like the one your child is likely using.

Once Upon a Potty


“I could go in my diaper, but should I?” Once a diaper isn’t the only option anymore, a very important question arises. The toddler in this silly story looks to others for the answer. Where do kitty and doggy go potty? After a little potty dance and a lot of waiting, something finally happens! Tinkle tinkle toot, “I did it!”



Using silly rhymes about all your toddler’s heroes, this book reinforces the idea that everyone poops, even superheroes, firefighters, soldiers and movie stars. Knowing that the people they look up to also have to use the potty might inspire reluctant little ones to give potty training a try. And they’ll feel super accomplished after completing the reward chart that comes with the book (stickers included!).

Even Superheroes Use the Potty


Talking about poop all the time can feel a little tedious, so here’s a potty training book that focuses on another (hopefully less gross) aspect: underwear. Some diapers may look cute, but they’re nothing compared to the variety of fun and adorable designs found in tiny undies. Even better, preschoolers tend to get really excited at the prospect of picking out their own set and feeling so grown up. And since this is a gendered book, there’s also a version that gets girls excited about upgrading to panties.

Big Boy Underpants


Fans of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will instantly recognize the song in this story as Daniel reminds readers “when you have to go potty, stop and go right away.” This book is geared toward toddlers and preschoolers who are past the first few hurdles of potty training but still need a little help remembering to go right when they feel like they need to. And Daniel’s catchy song makes for a perfect reminder. Keep in mind: some parents said the sound on the toilet flush button wore out very quickly.

Daniel Goes to the Potty


If your little one has been potty training for a while and knows the basics, then they’ll love going through all the familiar steps alongside Elmo and his cousin Albie. As Elmo wipes, flushes and washes his hands, toddlers can help out by lifting the flaps to reveal a roll of toilet paper, running water in the sink and more. Keep in mind: this book isn’t great for little ones who are brand new to potty training, as many of the lift-the-flaps don’t have to do with using the potty and could distract from the learning process. And while some of the steps of using the potty are mentioned, the story focuses more on the fact that Elmo and Albie are both already potty trained.

P is for Potty!

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