6 Best Pregnancy Pillows of 2020
Best Pregnancy Pillows
October 26, 2020

Best Pregnancy Pillows

Best Pregnancy Pillows .
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Get all the rest you need -- at least in between bathroom runs.   Best Pregnancy Pillows

It’s not fair. When you’re pregnant and exhausted, getting the sleep you so desperately need can feel impossible (thanks: baby bump and bladder). One thing that helps many moms-to-be find a comfy, new sleep position is a pregnancy pillow. The right one can help you log some solid Zs in between bathroom runs.

What is a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows fall into two categories: wedge and full-length. Wedge pillows are wedge-shaped cushions that reduce back strain by sliding under your belly to support your growing bump while you’resleeping on your side. (This is the recommended sleep position for moms-to-be because it provides the best blood flow to the uterus.) In this position, the wedge reduces back strain.

You can also place a wedge pillow behind you to prevent rolling onto your back, or use it between your knees to ease lower back pain. If you have heartburn, try adding a wedge pillow under your head to slightly elevate the upper body and reduce symptoms.

A full-length pregnancy pillow is another option. It runs the length of your body and comes in different shapes you can wrap around yourself.

Do you need a pregnancy pillow?

Most moms appreciate extra support—and will do anything to get a better night’s rest! You can certainly use regular pillows to bolster your belly, back or in-between your knees. But it’s often easier to purchase a pregnancy pillow. Loose pillows can shift out of place during the night or pile up on your partner.

Learn the pros and cons of the most raved-about pillows here to find one that finally lets you get more sleep.

Top-Rated Wraparound

Designed by a registered nurse and mom, the Snoogle is a C-shaped pillow that supports and aligns your hips, back, neck and belly. Depending on the direction you place the C-shape in, the entire length of your back or torso can be cushioned and the pillow can be tucked between your knees, too. Remove the sham-style cover and throw it in the wash to keep it clean.

You Should Know

Wraparound pillows take up a lot of space in bed, and this one is no exception. It’s five feet long and nearly 25 inches wide.

Additional Specs
Dimensions: 60” x 24.8” x 7.2”

Space Saver

Use this firm, foam cushion to help ease pressure wherever you hurt: your back, your belly or between your knees. You can even use it for extra lumbar support when sitting in the office, or later as a pillow to prop up your arm as you nurse or hold your baby. Because it’s small, you can travel with it too. The zippered, pima cotton cover is machine washable.

You Should Know

Wedge pillows have varying amounts of incline, depending on the brand. What works for some moms-to-be may not work for others.

Additional Specs
Dimensions: 14.8” x 12.1” x 4.3”

Long-lasting Luxury

This boomerang-shaped pillow is pricy, but it can used during pregnancy for sleep support and later to prop up your baby while nursing. Unlike firmer options, this one has a micropearl filling that allows the pillow to mold around your body like a bean bag. The cover is French cotton and the pillow is made in Germany—both can be machine washed.

You Should Know

Since this pillow has a lot of give, it’s better for snuggling than it is for major back or belly support.

Additional Specs
Dimensions: 25” x 18” x 6”

Back and Bump Support

A new shape on the pregnancy-pillow scene is this one by Boppy. It has two puffy, wedge cushions tethered together by a band of stretchy, jersey fabric. One cushion supports your belly while the other supports your back, preventing you from rolling onto your stomach or back in the middle of the night. Both the pillow and the cover are machine washable.

You Should Know

Unlike wraparounds or wedges, there’s only one way to sleep with this type of pillow.

Additional Specs
Dimensions: 14.2” x 6.2” x 13”

For Stomach Sleepers

If you love sleeping on your stomach, the Cozy Bump Pregnancy Bed is the fix for a growing belly that’s getting in the way. It’s like a blow-up pool floaty, but covered in a soft, fuzzy material and angled just right to relieve hip and back pressure. The hole for your belly is adjustable so it fits at different stages (you can inflate the ring around the hole more or less).

You Should Know

If you’re not used to sleeping on your stomach and turning your head to the side, you might find the position uncomfortable for your neck.

Additional Specs
Dimensions: 6 feet x 26 inches

A Proper Nest

The U-shape of this pillow provides bumper cushioning on either side of you. Just rest your head at the bottom of the u-shape and no matter which side you’re sleeping on you’ll have a pillow to squeeze (no more having to bring the pillow with you when you flip sides). Inner curves on the long “arms” give extra support to your lower back and your belly, and the machine-washable cover zips off.

You Should Know

Prepare to become a shameless bed hog. Though this pillow is a bit shorter than the Snoogle, its “arms” are wider.

Additional Specs
Dimensions: 51” x 31.5” x 7.9

Choosing What’s Right For You

Still having trouble deciding? Choose a pillow based on where you feel achiest. Verify the return policy, and then take it for a test run (a good excuse for a nap!). If it doesn’t work for you, another shape might suit you better.

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