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March 29, 2024

9 Products to Make Your Pregnancy Sleep Much Dreamier

By Danielle Halibey | Fact Checked by Karen Reardanz
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9 Products to Make Your Pregnancy Sleep Much Dreamier.
9 Products to Make Your Pregnancy Sleep Much Dreamier

Pregnancy can be dreamy. Sleeping while you’re pregnant? Not so much. Many people experience difficulties sleeping during pregnancy due to a combination of physical discomfort, hormonal changes and emotional stress. More specifically, factors such as hormonal fluctuations, increased urination, heartburn, restless legs syndrome and the baby’s movements can disrupt sleep patterns and leave you feeling wiped out.

Thankfully, there are several products to help put some of these sleep disturbances to bed. From reflex-reducing pregnancy pillows and comfortable maternity sleepwear to relaxing wind-down apps, our list of slumber-saving essentials might be exactly what you need to turn your bedtime routine around.

Why You Might Have Trouble Sleeping During Pregnancy

Our hope is that you catch some Zzzs with ease, but if things aren’t panning out at present, don’t panic. It’s totally normal to experience at least one (and probably a lot more) of these sleep disruptions over the course of your pregnancy, so if even one of the below solutions can offer relief, we say go for it! Just be sure to check in with your doctor about any big changes to your sleep routine or ongoing bouts of insomnia.

Physical discomfort

As your bump gets bigger and your body changes for baby, weight gain, back pain and pressure and soreness in your hips and pelvic area can make it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. And it certainly doesn’t help when your preferred way to sleep, be it on your stomach or your back, becomes impossible, uncomfortable or, perhaps, even not advised—lying on your back in the second or third trimester can put pressure on the major blood vessel carrying blood to your uterus.


Acid reflux is a pretty normal occurrence in pregnancy, as a result of hormones relaxing muscles in the digestive tract and letting acid creep up the esophagus, and a growing uterus shifting organs upward and creating pressure. You’re more inclined to feel the effects nocturnally, because reclining allows the acid in the stomach to easily flow up the esophagus. You also don’t have saliva, a natural acid neutralizer, working in your favor: the body produces less saliva at night, overall, and for pregnant people, those fickle hormones can create congestion and lead to more mouth breathing (and dryness) at night.

Frequent urination

There are a few reasons why you might find yourself jumping out of bed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Since you’re probably drinking a lot more water in pregnancy, you’ll be emptying your bladder on the regular. Moreover, increased blood volume during pregnancy kickstarts greater blood flow to the kidneys, which means your urine output is supercharged. And as the uterus continues to expand to accommodate the growing baby, it puts pressure on the bladder and makes pee breaks in the wee hours of the morning all the more common. Unfortunately, there isn’t a product to help relieve this symptom but you can try limiting your drink intake an hour or two before bed to lessen your nighttime potty trips——hope your bathroom isn’t too far from your bed!

Restless legs

Although restless legs syndrome tends to happen a lot more often during the third trimester, it can prove bothersome at any point in your pregnancy. Chalk it up to hormonal changes, circulatory changes and/or iron deficiency anemia—courtesy of the abovementioned increased blood volume in someone who’s expecting—but these pregnancy-related factors can contribute to the development or worsening of RLS symptoms, especially when you’re trying to sleep at night. The uncomfortable sensations in your legs make it challenging to initiate sleep, while the irresistible urge to move or shift the legs disrupts the ability to maintain continuous sleep.

Anxiety and stress

Pregnancy can be wonderful, but it can also bring about various worries and concerns, be it the health and well-being of the baby, anxiety around childbirth or the postpartum period and/or the changes and responsibilities that come with becoming a parent. These thoughts and anticipations can become more prominent during quiet nighttime hours (when distractions are minimal), which can intensify feelings of anxiety or stress.

Again, as much as we’d love to say that the below products are proof-positive pregnancy sleep hacks, we won’t make any promises. But, like the very advice and sleep essentials we recommend for babies to get better sleep, hopefully these parallel picks can do the same for you!

Babylist’s Picks for the Best Products for Pregnancy Sleep

Inviting, Cooling Sheets

There are quite a few things to make sleep all the more dreamy, potentially, but we’re starting with a great pair of bed sheets, because hot flashes = no fun. Crafted from high-quality European flax linen, these sheets offer a combination of softness, breathability and durability. The linen fabric is naturally breathable, allowing for optimal airflow and temperature regulation, both of which can help prevent overheating during pregnancy. The softness of the linen gets better and better with each wash, and what’s more, airy linen is actually known for its hypoallergenic properties—so if you have pregnancy-prompted skin sensitivities or allergies, these sheets are sure to be your snuggle bud from here on out. They’re available in Full, Queen, King and California King sizes and offered in 24 amazing colorways, too!

A Body Pillow

Most pregnant people become very attached to their pregnancy pillows——putting them away for later or tossing them out is an emotional event. A good body pillow will help you find a comfortable position, support your growing belly and relieve pressure from your achy parts so you can happily snooze away. But pregnancy pillows are large and take up a bunch of space do if you don’t have the room, that’s where our next pick comes in handy.

A Posture Pillow

Tossing and turning throughout the night is a hallmark in pregnancy, and when your body is all out of whack, turning to an ergonomic pillow can help. Designed specifically for therapy and relief, this pillow aligns the hips, pelvis and spine, promotes proper posture and relieves pressure on these tender areas. The pillow’s contoured shape and medium-firm density lend pseudo-prescription-strength support without compromising on comfort (i.e. you won’t be struggling to straddle it). It’s also crafted from high-quality materials, polyester fiberfill with a breathable cotton-blend cover, so it’s soft and cool to the touch. If you’re sleeping hot during pregnancy, that’s a huge benefit. Just take advantage of the removable and machine-washable cover, because if you’re sweating top to bottom (super common), it’s bound to get sweaty, too.

A Slope for Sleep

Now, about that heartburn… Before defaulting to antacids, there’s certainly no harm in trying some elevated sleep first. The shape of Avocado’s iconic wedge pillow provides an inclined position, allowing gravity to keep stomach acid down and reduce the likelihood of acid reflux and heartburn episodes. Crafted from organic latex, which is breathable and hypoallergenic (sensing a trend here?), it’s also supportive and responsive—so your head, neck and spine are all kept in proper alignment while the unique curves of your body are cared for. Every person has a personalized experience with this pillow, pregnant people, especially! You can even pull double duty with this one and prop up your legs to reduce swelling and improve your circulation—something that could help with restless legs syndrome if you’re dealing with it.

Comfy Pajamas

If your pre-pregnancy pajamas are no longer cutting it, meet Kindred Bravely’s Clea Bamboo Set, crafted from incredibly soft and breathable bamboo fabric (three degrees cooler than cotton, for reference), which provides exceptional comfort and helps regulate body temperature. In other words, the separates are fantastic for all the pregnancy-related fluctuations. The loose and relaxed fit of the button-up top and shorts allows for unrestricted movement and accommodates a growing belly with ease. And, for what it’s worth, the set’s minimalist and stylish design adds a splash of chic to anyone’s nighttime repertoire. All available in sizes S to 2XL—yay!

A Lotion to Lather On

Speaking of RLS, by the end of your pregnancy trip, it’s normal to have strange, fidgety feelings in your legs, and it can make getting through the night tough. A leg massage can leave your aches and pains feeling happily pacified. Infused with natural ingredients known for their calming and soothing properties, such as lavender, chamomile and magnesium, this aptly named Sleepy Body Lotion promotes relaxation and eases muscle tension. The gentle, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly into the skin to provide lasting moisture and nourishment. Use it before bedtime, and indulge in a self-care routine that not only hydrates your skin, but also creates a sort of spa-like atmosphere conducive to sleep. Get it in a four or eight-ounce jar and choose from lavender, vanilla or sweet orange scents, or unscented if that’s more your thing.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Has your nose been running or felt stuffy ever since you got that positive test result? Yup, it’s another one of those weird pregnancy symptoms. When the nasal congestion and dryness makes breathing at night next to impossible, investing in a high-quality humidifier is a great idea. A humidifier adds moisture to the air, relieving congestion, soothing dry nasal passages and promoting easier breathing. It’ll also help reduce allergens and irritants, creating a more pleasant sleep environment. This humidifier offers unreal convenience and impressive ease of use, starting with the fact that you can throw the parts (minus the base) in the dishwasher. The adjustable mist settings (three different levels) are ideal for customizing the most appropriate humidity level for you, but you can also use the auto mode humidity sensor, which does all the work for you and makes adjustments—in real-time—for optimal comfort. We also love the diffuser feature to really set the cozy vibes.

White Noise Wherever You Need It

We will always be here for white noise machines for babies, but we love them even more for anyone who’s pregnant and in need of a reassuring aid to help them drift off to sleep. There are so many options in this category, but this compact and portable sound machine offers a wide range of calming sounds, including white noise, nature sounds and gentle lullabies, creating a peaceful environment poised for relaxation and sleep—all via adjustable volume and sound options to match your vibe. Whether you’re using it at home or while you’re traveling, this sound machine can help mask disruptive noises, calm your nerves and create a consistent and soothing sleep routine, all of which are so important if you’re grappling with sleeplessness in pregnancy.

An App to Help You Wind Down

Even when all the physical disruptions to sleep are mitigated, you still might have anxiety and stress keeping you awake into the night. Incorporating a meditation app into your sleep routine can cultivate mindfulness, tease out tension and help set the stage for falling asleep and enjoying a full night’s rest. Unlike other meditation apps, Expectful (now a part of the Babylist family) provides a wide range of guided meditations and mindfulness practices tailored specifically for pregnant women. When you sign up, you can select where you are in your pregnancy—and as you journey through your first, second and third trimesters, the app will see you through all the unique physical discomforts, hormonal changes, increased stress levels and difficulties sleeping. Your “Weekly Guide” populates a handful of meditations that make total sense for what you’re dealing with or thinking about in Week X before baby comes. You can browse content by mood (the colorful emoticon buttons make you feel seen!) and explore eight kinds of meditation exercises, breathing techniques and sleep stories to usher you off to dreamland. And the best part? You can set up alarms/alerts to remind you to press pause on your day, take a breather and check in with yourself—after all, “wellness is a habit” and getting better sleep requires a routine!

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