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Help Me Decide! My Brest Friend or Boppy
January 30, 2024

Help Me Decide! My Brest Friend or Boppy

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Help Me Decide! My Brest Friend or Boppy.
Help Me Decide! My Brest Friend or Boppy

Ever find yourself stuck between two products and you just can’t make up your mind? Baby registry decision fatigue is real—so Babylist’s Help Me Decide! series is here to help.

While there are lots of unknowns in parenting, one thing’s for sure: your baby is going to need to eat. And whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding or doing a little of both, a feeding support pillow can make mealtime a whole lot easier, especially during those first few months when both you and your little one are getting the hang of things.

The My Brest Friend and the Boppy are two of the most popular feeding pillows and the ones that Babylist parents register for the most. Both have also been on the market for a long time. But figuring out which one is right for you can be confusing and, if you’re like most parents, you may be going back and forth on which one to purchase or add to your registry.

We’re doing a side-by-side comparison of the My Brest Friend and the Boppy and talking you through features, pros and cons of each to help you decide which pillow to choose.


Help Me Decide Boppy Vs Brest Friend


What’s the same?

  • Easier feedings. Supporting your baby during feeding can do a number on your back, shoulders and neck, especially during those first few months when your newborn isn’t able to support their head and neck. Both the My Brest Friend and the Boppy pillows can help—and either is a much better choic than your couch pillows or a rolled up blanket. Both pillows are great for helping you find a safe, supportive position whether you’re breastfeeding, bottle feeding or doing a combination of both.
  • Care and convenience. The Boppy and My Brest Friend are similar in size and weight. (My Brest Friend is slightly larger than the Boppy, but not by much.) While you won’t be tossing either of these support pillows in your diaper bag, both are fairly easy to transport either by car, in a small duffel or suitcase for travel or even in the storage basket of your stroller. Both also feature a pillow insert and a separate removable, washable slipcover. There are lots of slipcover prints and patterns to choose from for both the Boppy and My Brest Friend so it’s easy to find one that matches your style.
  • Price. The My Brest Friend and the Boppy are comparably priced. Each comes with one pillow insert and one removable slipcover. (You can purchase extra slipcovers separately for both pillows.)

What’s different?

  • Shape and support level. The shape and level of support in the Boppy versus My Brest Friend are the two biggest differences between these popular feeding support pillows. The Boppy is a C-shaped pillow with rounded edges that supports the front and sides of your body while feeding. It’s not a soft pillow, but it’s not overly firm, either. The My Brest Friend, on the other hand, features a 360-degree wrap-around design that provides front, side and back support. It’s much firmer than the Boppy and has a flat shape so baby’s head won’t roll forward or back while feeding.
  • Fit + ease of use. As mentioned above, My Brest Friend wraps completely around your body, while the Boppy’s C-shape means it only wraps around your front and sides. In order to secure the My Brest Friend to ensure a snug fit, you’ll need to use the adjustable back strap to tighten or loosen the pillow as needed. (Which can take a bit of time, especially in the beginning.) The Boppy, however, slips right on—no strap required.
  • Versatility. My Brest Friend is a feeding support pillow. Although it can be used for bottle feeding, it was specifically designed for nursing parents, and that’s where it excels. (It supports all nursing positions like cradle, football hold, etc.) The Boppy, on the other hand, is more versatile. It works well for all breastfeeding holds and can also be used for bottle feeding support if needed. But it’s also great for propping, tummy time and sitting support as your baby grows throughout their first year. (Just be sure you don’t leave your baby unattended while using the Boppy and never use it for sleep.)
  • Materials and care. While both pillows are soft and easy to care for, there are some notable differences. The slipcover, pillow cover and pillow filling of the Boppy are made from a mix of polyester and cotton. The whole thing is machine washable, including the pillow itself. My Brest Friend is made from 100% cotton throughout. The slipcover is machine washable but the pillow can only be spot cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • Extra features. My Brest Friend features a built-in pocket where you can stash feeding supplies and other accessories. The Boppy doesn’t have any pockets or storage options.


Lots of baby product decisions come down to things like personal preferences, needs or budget. While those things do factor in here (minus budget, since these two pillows are essentially the same price), deciding between the Boppy and My Brest Friend before your baby arrives can be a bit trickier since it’s tough to anticipate your feeding needs before you’re actually in the trenches.

Here’s how we recommend framing the decision.

My Brest Friend may be a good choice if:

  • You’re hoping to breastfeed. You can’t predict the future, but if you’re set on giving breastfeeding a go and this will be your first rodeo, we think My Brest Friend is the better choice. Breastfeeding, especially those first few months, can be tricky. (Understatement of the year.) My Brest Friend provides excellent support for both baby + parent as both of you try to figure out nursing. The firm surface does wonders as you learn how to correctly position baby for a healthy latch and the flat pillow front ensures there’s no gap between you and your little one.
  • You want a feeding pillow with more support. Again, here’s where My Brest Friend’s construction and design really shine. The firmness of the pillow is just right for supporting your baby’s head, neck and body while nursing, and since there’s not a lot of give in the pillow, it’s easier to find the proper nursing position. Unlike the Boppy which only provides front and side support, the 360-degree wrap-around design of the My Brest Friend offers back support—a nice perk for the sore, tired muscles you’re likely to encounter when you first start breastfeeding.

Boppy may be a good choice if:

  • You want a multi-purpose pillow. If you’re taking the less-is-more approach to baby gear and on the hunt for products that can serve more than one purpose, then the Boppy is a great choice. Unlike the My Brest Friend, the Boppy can be used for supervised awake time throughout your baby’s entire first year of life. It’s great for propping, tummy time and sitting support as your little one grows.
  • You prefer a pillow with a more convenient, universal fit. What makes the My Brest Friend great for some parents—the buckle, the snug fit and the wrap-around design—is a detractor for others. Because of the C-shaped design, the Boppy is faster to get on and off than the My Brest Friend. And it works for parents of all sizes, which isn’t always the case with My Brest Friend.
  • You toss everything into the washing machine. This isn’t a huge game-changer, but it is worth noting that Boppy is completely machine-washable, including the pillow, the pillow cover and the slipcover. The slipcover on My Brest Friend can be washed, but the pillow itself needs to be spot-cleaned.

One more quick note worth a mention. Lots of parents find that the My Brest Friend works best for the first three or four months while everyone is still getting the hang of feeding. As baby grows and is able to support themselves a bit more, many parents then switch over to the Boppy. If you’re not opposed to buying two nursing pillows, this may be a good way to go.

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