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4 Things to Know Before Getting a Chicco Fit360 Rotating Car Seat
Updated on
May 9, 2024

4 Things to Know Before Getting a Chicco Fit360 Rotating Car Seat

By Babylist Team
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4 Things to Know Before Getting a Chicco Fit360 Rotating Car Seat

While Chicco might have been later to the rotating car seat game, it gave them the benefit of listening to customer feedback before designing theirs. And the result is the Chicco Fit360 ClearTex Rotating Convertible Car Seat. Babylist parent, Julie, a New York City mom of two, tests it out in the video review above. Here’s what you’ll want to know before adding this car seat to your cart (or your registry).

Why a Rotating Car Seat?

The major benefit of rotating car seats is that they make it a lot easier to get your baby in and out of the car, especially when they’re rear-facing. When you have a toddler who goes rigid every time they see the sight of a hatchback, this can be a big win. You can read more about why parents like rotating car seats in our rotating car seat safety guide.

One thing to keep in mind as you’re looking at rotating car seats is that not all of them provide a full rotation (some can only swivel 180 degrees). One of the nice things about fully rotating seats like the Chicco Fit360 is that it can switch from rear to forward-facing without uninstalling or even having to adjust the base—a helpful bonus for grandparents and caregivers of families with kids of different ages.


What Makes the Chicco Fit360 Different

There are a few noteworthy details that make this car seat different from other rotating car seats you may be looking at. First let’s look at the safety features of the Chicco Fit360.

Chicco Fit360 Safety

  • Self-tensioning lock system (aka LeverLock): Some convertible car seats require a fair amount of physical work to get a proper install (like pressing your knee into the base and then pulling really tightly on the seat belt until it’s secure). But you won’t need any of that with the Fit360. As you can see at the 3:25 mark in the video, the Fit360 base essentially tightens itself thanks to the self-tensioning lock-system—and then once it is locked in place, it’s super secure.

  • Seat removal tool: You may have heard other parents’ asking questions about the safety of a two-piece rotating car seat—if the seat can rotate or be removed from the base, what’s going to stop it from rotating while your baby is in it, or in the event of a collison? It’s important to remember that all car seats are subjected to the same safety standards (and rotating car seats have been popular in Europe for quite a few years). But for parents seeking a little more peace of mind, the Chicco Fit360 utilizes a special seat removal tool that’s the only way to remove the seat from the base. Without that tool, it can’t go anywhere. (2:39)

  • Green means go: There are also handy red-to-green indicators on the base that let you know if the car seat is properly rotated and in a locked position. If they’re green, you’re ready to ride. If they’re red, you still have some rotating to do. (2:26)

  • Attachable car seat mirror: Parents love car seat mirrors for the ability to check on your little one, but as third party accessories they aren’t subjected to the same crash testing as the manufacturer’s accessories. The Chicco Fit360 attachable car seat mirror (sold separately) is one of the only manufacturer-approved car seat mirrors we’ve ever seen, and it attaches right to the car seat base for added security. (4:54)

Parent-Friendly Bonuses

While safety is the reason we buy car seats, hopefully those are the features you’ll have to utilize the least. What often ends up making the biggest difference in a parent’s gear experience are the small details that make it easier when you’re getting your baby in and out of the car several times a day. For example:

  • Magnetic chest clip: The chest clip on this car seat is magnetic, so it’s easier to secure and take apart. If that sounds like a recipe for toddlers undoing their harness, not to worry—it’s been tested and passed against small Houdinis including Julie’s four-year-old. (5:07)

  • Easy-access buckles: The bigger kids get, the more challenging it can be to dig their car seat straps and crotch buckle out of the seat before strapping them in. So the Fit360 has two built-in solves for that: first, a flex-forward crotch buckle. It rebounds forward when not in use instead of flopping back into the seat like traditional crotch buckles. There are also buckle pockets on either side so you don’t have to go spelunking for harness straps. (5:28 and 5:37)

Chicco GIF 2

  • Easy cleaning: Because kids will be kids, the fabrics on the Fit360 are all machine-washable and the cupholders are both removable and dishwasher-safe, which is extra helpful for gear you plan on using for 6-8 years. (6:09)

  • Baby ergonomics: Chicco designed this car seat to have a more open and ergonomic design that gives your kiddo more room to spread out. They also made the back panel ventilated, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned it’s that babies will get sweaty in their car seats. (5:45)

Another thing we love is that you can buy additional Fit360 bases separately, so you can transfer your baby’s seat to multiple vehicles without having to buy a completely separate system for each car (kind of like an infant car seat, minus the carrier aspect). That alone could save you a few hundred dollars if you were planning on getting additional car seats for a second vehicle or for regular caregivers, like a grandparent or nanny.

Longevity (height & weight max)

Most kids outgrow their car seat by height long before they reach the weight limit. And while this car seat won’t take you all the way through the booster years, it is designed to last a long time. You can use it from birth up to 65 pounds or 49 inches—around the average height of an 8-year-old.

And while most seats like this have a top harness height of 17 inches, the Fit360 tops out at 18—giving it the most harness height out of any rotating car seat (especially handy for long-torsoed kiddos). As your baby grows, you just adjust the height of your baby’s headrest and it will automatically adjust the height of their harness as well, so you don’t have to take it apart every time your kid has a growth spurt.

Conclusion: Who Do We Recommend The Fit360 For?

One customer review for the Chicco Fit360 says, “A parent definitely designed this car seat.” And after testing it out, we wouldn’t disagree. The seat removal tool is a helpful reassurance for parents who may have had hesitations around the security of rotating car seats. But it’s the frustration-free features that will likely make the biggest difference in your daily drives.

So if you’re the kind of person who loves practical design upgrades (think: collapsible measuring cups or when side tables have built-in charging ports), those are the same kinds of thoughtful everyday details you’ll find on this car seat. Watch our full video review to see the Fit360 in action—from installing to unlocking.

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