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Smarter Sleep: Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Keep an Eye on Baby?
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Smarter Sleep: Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Keep an Eye on Baby?

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Smarter Sleep: Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Keep an Eye on Baby?.
Smarter Sleep: Can Artificial Intelligence Help You Keep an Eye on Baby?

Baby monitors serve one very important purpose: keeping parents sane. At their simplest, they act as an extra set of eyes and ears, allowing parents to watch over their kiddo when they’re not in the room. At their most advanced, they’re safety monitors that can share insights the naked eye can’t see. Newer models pull double duty as soothing light or sound machines. Some of them can even keep track of your baby’s growth.

The CuboAi Sleep Safety Bundle is one of the more advanced options out there—and it can do all of the above and more, thanks to its AI capabilities. As the first baby monitor with AI, it’s designed to give you peace of mind by monitoring baby’s breathing motion and flagging potentially dangerous situations like your baby rolling over onto their tummy during sleep.

There are also nice extras like photo capture and 18-hour video playback for reliving sweet moments or reviewing any potential concerns. That means you can take a second to wind down from the “always-on” feeling of new parenthood, knowing you have support assisting you in tracking your baby’s well-being.

Here’s How The CuboAi Sleep Safety Bundle Works

Here’s How The CuboAi Sleep Safety Bundle Works So how exactly does a baby monitor with artificial intelligence work? Created by a mom-and-pediatrician duo, the CuboAi Plus Smart Baby Monitor features an AI-enabled camera that can recognize if a baby has its mouth and nose covered, is stuck rolling over or has entered a designated danger zone, and alert you.

In the case of the Sleep Safety Bundle, the monitor is paired with the CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad to provide “breathing motion technology” combined with artificial intelligence. Together, they detect your baby’s breathing motion through sensors.

If the camera AI confirms the baby is in the crib, but the Sleep Sensor Pad detects no breathing motion, it will send parents an alert. The non-contact pad, which gets placed under your little one’s mattress, continuously detects breathing motion in real-time to monitor baby’s safety.

Why You’d Want That

Almost every parent you talk to will admit getting up and checking their baby multiple times a night. The CuboAi Sleep Safety Bundle is one of the easier ways to do that. The 1080p HD camera with artificial intelligence detection and night vision alone is impressive, but add the breathing motion-detecting pad and other features like Cough Detection and True Cry Alerts and you’ve got a monitoring system parents praise for helping them keep an extra eye on their kiddos.

For even more control of CuboAi, you can get the monitor with a 3-stand set (included with the Sleep Safety Bundle) that gives you the option of a floor stand, mobile stand or crib mount to get the best view of your baby. The CuboAi app lets you stay connected to that sleep data by sharing live views, alerts and sleep analytics that help you get better insight to your little one’s sleep, all while protected by bank-level security. It even lets you connect up to eight viewers so family members from far away can get a peek at baby, too—a feature the grandparents are sure to appreciate.

As the technology around us gets even smarter, it might feel like there’s so much to understand—but with CuboAi’s Sleep Safety Bundle, it’s fairly simple. You get a smart system that monitors your baby two ways for a more complete picture and a little extra assurance even if you can’t be by their side 24/7. That way, you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying your baby and parenthood with your sanity intact. Want to see more from CuboAi? Check out their full lineup here.

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