Baby Must-Haves for Frequent Travelers
Baby Must-Haves for Frequent Travelers
April 19, 2019

Baby Must-Haves for Frequent Travelers

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Baby Must-Haves for Frequent Travelers

Ashley Robinson is the co-founder and CMO/COO of Tranquilo Mat, and she’s also a first-time mom to Luca, her baby boy. She travels a lot for work (and brings her baby along!) and knows the struggle of having to balance work, parenting and frequent travel.

Here, she shares some of the best, smartest items to make traveling with a little one in tow easier.

No need for two parts. The Doona Infant Car Seat/Stroller is such an easy solution for a quick in and out of the car. This car seat-turned-stroller and vice versa is extremely efficient while still comfortable for baby.

Doona Infant Car Seat & Stroller


Mobility is key for an active parent, and I’m a big fan of Baby Tula. The carrier is comfortable for both baby and me. It gives the opportunity to be hands-free while still having baby close to me. I can get things done swiftly and still talk/laugh with baby.

Tula Free-to-Grow Baby Carrier

Since I travel often, I needed a portable high chair to accommodate baby’s feeding schedule. Bringing an easy, foldable and sturdy high chair with me gives me peace of mind that baby will be comfortable while eating. There are many times in the hotel room where this high chair has come in handy for baby’s breakfast.

phil&teds Phil & Teds Lobster Highchair


Instead of using a hotel’s crib or rent a pack n’ play while staying at an Airbnb, I chose to purchase this travel crib to provide familiarity to baby. The crib is super light and easy to fold up. Easy to accommodate when traveling by car or plane.

Babybjörn BABYBJÖRN x Babylist Travel Crib Light


Bring on the sleep! While I travel, I can’t bring my swing, bouncer and all other soothing devices I have available at home. This is why I love Tranquilo Mat. I can bring the soothing vibration and white noise easily with me. I place it in the travel crib or use it with my carrier to provide baby the same soothing effect he has become accustomed to. This helps baby sleep better and more soundly while we’re on trips.

Tranquilo Large Mat

I always bring an extra Tranquilo Mat cover in case of spitups, blowouts, etc. You just never know!

Zebra Snoozer Mat Cover

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