5 Things to Know Before Getting a Nanit Monitor
5 Things to Know Before Getting a Nanit Monitor
September 23, 2021

5 Things to Know Before Getting a Nanit Monitor

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5 Things to Know Before Getting a Nanit Monitor

If you have friends with babies, or if you spend any time in Facebook parenting groups, you’ve probably heard about Nanit (usually in vague terms like “We love the sleep reports”). Nanit is what you’d get if a video monitor met the baby version of a FitBit or Apple Watch. But what does that actually mean? Babylist Scout Mallorie answers that in the video above. Here are a few things you’ll want to know if you’re thinking of getting one.

1. Don’t Sleep on the Sleep Reports

What It Does: Like a regular baby monitor, Nanit lets you see and hear your baby through a video feed on your phone. But instead of throwing that video feed away each morning, Nanit saves all the information it gathers while your baby is in their crib and puts it into a handy report for you. Every morning you’ll get a top-level overview like the one at the 0:23 mark in Mallorie’s video of how well your baby slept and for how long.

Nanit Sleep Insight Screenshot

Why You’d Want That: A lot of early parenthood is trying to figure out the magical sleep, feeding and snuggle routine that will keep your baby in good spirits. Having a detailed sleep journal can take some of the guesswork out of the equation by giving you context for your baby’s days. Are they grumpy because of a restless night’s sleep? Then hopefully tomorrow will be better!

2. Take The Good Advice

What It Does: Sleep data can only take you so far. You kind of have to know what to do with the information. So Nanit includes a year of Nanit Insights (a $50 value) with every Nanit Pro baby monitor. Nanit takes all the information that is gathered from your sleep report and then analyzes it to see how your baby could be getting better sleep—like having a sleep coach on your phone.

Why You’d Want That: There’s a lot of Googling in parenthood. Things like:

  • Is it normal for my baby to sleep in two-hour stretches?
  • Why is my baby suddenly not sleeping?
  • Is 6 PM too early for baby bedtime?

There are plenty of answers online, but what worked for one parent’s newborn in 2013 isn’t necessarily going to work for your three-month-old today. Having Nanit Insights is like having a Google alert set specifically for your baby’s sleep.

Nanit tracks all their habits and patterns, and then offers up personalized science-based sleep tips based on what Nanit sees and what they know about your baby’s age and development. You’d be surprised how often a micro-adjustment like shifting bedtime by 15 or 20 minutes can make a big difference in your baby’s nightly routine.

3. Breathe Easier

What It Does: Every Nanit Pro monitor comes with a Breathing Band, a small cotton wrap that goes around your baby’s bodysuit or pajamas to track their breathing motions—without electronic sensors. The breathing band features a special geometric pattern that the Nanit camera uses to watch for subtle motions that determine how many breaths your baby takes per minute (and Nanit will use that info to alert you if you need to check in on them).

Nanit Breathingwear GIF

Why You’d Want That: Staring at a video monitor transfixed by the rise and fall of your baby’s chest is basically a rite of passage for new parents, right? Except, it’s kind of hard for you to sleep if you’re watching your baby sleep. So the included Breathing Wear is basically a free peace of mind accessory.

Pro tip: you get one Breathing Band with any Nanit Pro camera or bundle, but you can also purchase backup bands along with pajamas, swaddles and sleep bags that feature the same kind of pattern. Knowing what we know about blowouts and spit up, extras might not be a bad idea.

4. Watch Them Grow

What It Does: Since cameras can record more than just sleep, Nanit has added some other cool video features to their app like a digital scrapbook of your baby’s cutest crib moments (called Nanit Memories) and an online community where you can connect with other parents and swap sleep tips. Recently, they also added a growth tracker in conjunction with the launch of their Smart Sheets—a crib sheet with a special pattern that helps measure your baby’s height.

Nanit Timelapse gif

Why You’d Want That: Babies grow super fast! Sometimes you just want to know how tall they’re getting without having to wait for your next doctor’s visit. So instead of busting out the tape measure, you can use your baby’s sheets and map out their measurements in the Nanit App. Plus you get this sweet timelapse of your baby’s growth to save and share and say things like “OMG how were they so little just two months ago?!”

5. Take It With You

What It Does: Depending on your baby’s crib setup, you can purchase your Nanit camera with either a floor stand or a wall mount. But if you want to take advantage of the Nanit App outside of your baby’s crib, the multi-stand accessory lets you take your camera with you wherever you go. Even if that just happens to be the living room.

Nanit Travel Bag GIF

Why You’d Want That: Babies are known to sleep wherever (and whenever) the heck they feel like it. So being able to use your monitor more flexibly gives you a lot more bang for your buck—instead of having to get multiple monitors, you can just move your Nanit around your home like Mallorie does at 2:30. You can also use the multi-stand when you travel and then as a playroom camera as your baby gets older.

You can buy the Nanit camera as a standalone baby monitor, or bundle it with Breathing Wear, Smart Sheets and more to create a complete monitoring system. Watch Mallorie’s complete video above to see how all these features come together IRL to help you (and your baby) get a better night’s sleep.

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