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We Test Out Nanit’s New Upgrades
Updated on
September 11, 2023

We Test Out Nanit’s New Upgrades

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We Test Out Nanit’s New Upgrades

It’s a totally normal right of passage to put your little one down for a nap or nighttime sleep, and then as soon as things are quiet, to have a million questions. Are they really asleep? Are they still breathing? Was that an “I’m awake” cry or a “my pacifier fell out of my mouth” cry?

That’s why newer monitors like the Nanit Plus Monitoring System can be a helpful resource for new parents. In addition to providing really clear video and audio, Nanit also offers what they call “Nanit Insights,” which is a fancy way of saying it gives a ton of useful information about your baby’s sleep habits and more. Babylist Scout Jacquie recently tested the Nanit Plus in the video above (along with Nanit’s signature breathing wear) to see how it all comes together in real life. Here are three things that stood out for her:

Sleep Coaching on Your Phone

The reason parents choose Nanit is because you don’t have to ask as many questions about your baby’s sleep. When you buy the Nanit Plus Smart Baby Monitor, you get a year of Nanit Insights for free. Nanit tracks not only how long your baby slept, but how well your baby slept (if they moved around a lot or if they were pretty conked out), and then Insights puts that information together to help you get a sense of your baby’s routines.

So, for example, if you know your baby was rolling around a bunch last night and didn’t sleep well, you can prepare for a little more crankiness the next day. Or if you know your baby gets to feed up at 2 a.m. every night, you can adjust your own bedtime to anticipate the interruption. Nanit even uses your baby’s sleep patterns to help you figure out if there are improvements you can make to help your little one sleep better (and will prompt you accordingly with tips in your app inbox). It’s a little like having an on-demand sleep coach on your phone.

Sensor-Free Breathing Tracking

In addition to sleep insights, Nanit also offers the only baby monitoring system that tracks your baby’s breathing motions without any sensors. Instead, they use 100% cotton sleepwear with a special pattern that the camera can read (which you can see in Jacquie’s video) to track lung compression motion and give you updates on your baby’s breathing rate. Which any new parent who has stared at a zoomed-in video monitor watching their baby’s chest rise and fall will tell you—that reassurance can go a long way toward helping you sleep better.

An Instant Digital Scrapbook

What no one tells you is that your baby spends the first few months of their life more or less sleeping (even if it’s not always at night). So Nanit recently added a new feature to Insights, called Nanit Memories. Memories automatically uploads photos and videos of your baby’s milestones and crib time, making it easy to save and share those special moments when no one is watching (your sentimental self will be glad about this later).

So that cute pre-bedtime babble your baby does? That’s captured. The sweet way they sleep with their pacifier? Saved for posterity. Nanit will even highlight milestones like your baby’s first time falling asleep on their own, or first time sleeping through the night.

Choosing the right baby monitor is usually a matter of figuring out what you need for peace of mind. But when you combine the Nanit Plus Complete Monitoring with Insights and Memories, you get peace of mind and the freedom to put your phone down. Which, in parent world, is like getting a free pass to relax. Check out Jacquie’s complete video review to see Nanit Insights (which comes with Nanit Memories) in action.

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