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Three layers of side-impact protection and an antirebound bar make the Advocate one of the safest convertible car seats.

About this Product
  • Three-layers of side impact protection and an antirebound bar
  • 5 - 65 lb weight range
  • 7-position recline and 14-position no rethread harness
  • ClickTight makes seat belt install easy
  • Clear indicator to ensure proper installation


The Advocate ClickTight is the top-of-the-line convertible car seat from Britax, one of the most popular car seat brands. Convertible car seats enable you to turn the car seat from rear-facing to forward-racing. This is really useful because your child has to stay in a rear-facing car seat til they are two years old and in a forward-facing seat til four. (Many families choose to start with an infant-specific car seat. Here are the pros and cons about that choice.)

The Advocate ranges from 5-40 lbs in the rear-facing position and from 20-65 lbs in the forward-facing position and up to 49” tall. Once your kid outgrows the Advocate, they’ll move to a booster seat til they can use a regular seat belt when they are 4’ 9”.

The Advocate exceeds all the federal safety regulations and has three layers of side-impact protection, including a padded headrest and external padding. The padding does make the car seat bulkier. It’s two inches wider than the other ClickTight car seats, which you’ll want to keep in mind if you have a small backseat.

This car seat also has an anti-rebound bar that can be used in the rear-facing direction. In the case of an accident, this bar stabilizes the car seat and prevents (you guessed it) rebound. It can only be used from infancy til your child turns forward-facing, after two years. (By the way, all car seats for sale meet the federal safety regulations, so don’t worry about other car seats being unsafe.)

When it comes to installation, the Advocate has clip-style LATCH anchors that are easy to use. The seven-position recline allows you to correctly level the seat, and it has an indicator to show if it’s installed in the right position. You cannot adjust the recline while the child is in the seat, like you can with some Graco convertibles. You have to uninstall the car seat to reset the recline.

Once your child is more than 35 lbs (between three and four years), you’ll need to attach the car seat using seat belts, not LATCH. Luckily, the ClickTight system makes seat belt installation really easy. (Car seat installation easy? Yes!) It has an internal patented system that clamps right down on the seat belt. This makes it really easy to install the car seat into caregivers’ cars, but it’s pretty heavy. Britax ClickTight car seats are also known for their V-shaped tether that connects to a LATCH anchor behind the seat and helps stabilize the car seat in the forward-facing direction.

The Advocate also has a “Click & Snug” harness indicator which makes clicking sounds when the harness is tight enough around the baby. It’s a nice reassurance that you did it right. The no-rethread adjustable harness is really simple to use and has fourteen positions to grow with your child. The car seat cover is easy to remove, but it can only be hand washed.

If you’re a big Britax fan, the other car seats in the ClickTight line are the Marathon and the Boulevard. They are both cheaper, but also have fewer features than the Advocate.


  • Car seat weight: 30.1 lbs
  • Car seat dimensions: 20.5” x 23.5” x 23”
  • Includes removable pillow
  • Includes anti-rebound bar
  • Car seat cover is hand wash only

Rear-facing Mode

  • Child weight range: 5-40 lbs
  • Child height limit: 49”

Forward-facing Harness Mode

  • Child weight range: 20-65 lbs
  • Child height limit: 49”

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