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The Britax B-Safe 35 is a reliable, easy-to-install infant car seat.

About this Product
  • Level indicator to ensure proper installation
  • Easier installation with SafeCenter LATCH
  • Attaches to any Britax stroller without an adapter


Britax is known for their super easy to install SafeCenter LATCH system. After you level the car seat base with their recline lever, it hooks into the LATCH anchors in your car and you tighten it from the middle instead of from the side. It is harder to install without the base than others like the City GO, so if you are going to be putting your car seat in taxis or friends’ cars often, this isn’t the best option.

Like all car seats on the market, the B-Safe 35 meets the safety specifications from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. It features the brand’s exclusive SafeCell Impact Protection, an integrated system of top safety components including a steel frame and impact-absorbing base to reduce the strong forces of a vehicle collision. The seat also has a deep shell lined with energy-absorbing foam to increase side-impact protection. The B-Safe 35’s contoured shell minimizes side-to-side movement of the seat, while also taking up less space in your car.

The car seat features four harness heights for your growing baby and has a removable head pad as extra cushion. Coming in at 10 lbs, it’s an average weight car seat. When the car seat gets dirty (which will happen), it can be removed and hand-washed with cold water and mild soap then leave flat to dry.

With integrated Click & Go connectors, the seat is compatible with any Britax stroller (without purchasing an additional adapter). An additional base for installing in multiple cars is available.


  • Child weight range: 4 - 35 lbs
  • Child height limit: 32”
  • Car seat carrier weight: 10 lbs
  • Total car seat weight: 19 lbs
  • Car seat dimensions: 17.75” x 25” x 26.5”
  • Includes removable headrest
  • Hand wash only
  • Includes car seat base

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March 13, 2019

No other infant car seat I’ve seen has compared to this one. It’s comfortable for baby, it’s easy to install and adjust. It’s one of the safest options on the market. All in all, I have not found a flaw in this car seat. I would recommend it to anyone. If you’re worried about installing the base into your car, I recommend contacting your hospital and asking if they’ll check to see if you’ve properly installed it. Normally, they have someone on hand who is car seat certified who will help you!

November 24, 2018

So easy to use and install. Going from car to stroller and back again is easy enough. I think it depends a bit on the car too though. We have an Escape and an F-150. Super easy for me to get her in and out of the escape, not so easy in the truck! My little is 8 Months now and it’s getting a bit heavy to haul her around, but I’ve used other car seats when traveling and they were just as heavy.

April 3, 2018

Simple installation and feels very cozy and secure.

March 25, 2018

Very high crash test ratings - which is the point! Clicks into stroller and base securely, so easy to use when you get the hang of it. Pretty heavy.

March 7, 2018

I know it’s very safe for my baby, which is the most important thing. The straps get twisted on occasion and the buckle at the base seems a little short making it difficult to buckle when the baby is extra bundled up.

September 3, 2017

We love this carseat! It's consistently ranked one of the safest on the market. It works great with my jogging stroller, too. It's not the lightest car seat on the market, but I'm okay with that. I also like that it's a bit narrower compared to other carseats.

August 19, 2017

Fairly light weight, sturdy, easy to click into stroller.

June 20, 2017

Once baby hit 15 lbs, it was just really really heavy. Not as light as I thought it would be!

April 5, 2017

It's a great first car seat. I love that the weight goes up to 35lbs and 32in. My little guy is in the 96-99% for height and weight so these are important to us.