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color: Tropical Leaf

size: 5' x 5'



What weabout it
Beautiful, soft and made for more than swaddling.


Picnic blankets are great kid gear that provide a spot for baby and family to sit or lie down without having to worry about damp surfaces. This one by Little Unicorn, with an easy-fold structure and a carrying handle is super simple to fold out and fold back up when the play is over. The blanket is two sided: the one that faces the ground is a durable, thick polyester that is water resistant and sturdy; the one that faces up toward you and baby is super soft (kind of like a sleeping bag). The soft side is water resistant as well, but not water proof, so try to get to spills with a cloth if you can.

What makes this version new is that Little Unicorn added a zip pouch that is perfect for holding your keys, cell phone, and other small items that can go astray while outdoors. We recommend leaving this blanket in the back of your car so you’re ready anytime you might need it. A note about cleaning: this item should be wiped clean with a warm soapy cloth.


  • 5’ x 5’ or 5’ x 7’
  • 100% polyester
  • Spot clean only

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August 27, 2018

I would buy this item 100 times over. We have used it a ton. Easy to fold, comfy, and just a no-brainer.