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26-Month-Old Toddler: Your Little Hobbyist
Updated on
October 31, 2023

26-Month-Old Toddler: Your Little Hobbyist

By Babylist Team
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26-Month-Old Toddler: Your Little Hobbyist.
26-Month-Old Toddler: Your Little Hobbyist

Your Little 26-Month-Old!

In addition to being willing little helpers—with household chores & around the kitchen—toddlers make great buddies, too. So we’ve rounded up our favorite toys for sharing your favorite hobbies with the tiny enthusiasts in your life. We picked them with practicality in mind, to teach fledgling 🏂 snowboarders, 👩‍🍳 chefs, 🦋 conservationists, 🚴 cyclists, 🧘 yogis, 🌱gardeners & more how to master & enjoy new skills.

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Did You Know?

Toddlers love helping us out—except, it seems, when it’s time to put on clothes. Here’s an interesting scientific explanation for why your 26-month-old may resist plus how to work with them to get dressed & out the door.

Editors’ Picks: Stroller Boards

If you have a baby or one on the way, consider these fun stroller attachments: toddlers can stand on them for a fun ride during mundane errands.

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Editors' Picks: Toddler Sunglasses

In addition to a good sun hat, some sunscreen & bug repellent, these adorable shades are a great addition to any little adventurer’s pack.

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Editors' Picks: Outdoor Blankets

Stash one of these parent-tested picks in your stroller or car so you always have a clean, dry spot to hang out.

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Parenting Toolkit image

Parenting Toolkit: Little Sous Chefs

Bringing your 26-month-old in to help prepare meals has STEAM-related benefits—and may inspire them to explore new foods, too. Here are safe ways to include them in the kitchen.

Mini Meal Prep 101

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