Baby Shower Trends
Baby Shower Trends for Inspiration
August 23, 2018

Baby Shower Trends for Inspiration

Baby Shower Trends for Inspiration

Looking for inspiration for your baby shower theme? Leila Lewis, Editor in Chief of Inspired by This, has these fresh ideas to make your baby shower special.

1. Balloons—and Lots of Them

Looking for a way to add some dimension to your party decor? Balloon installations are the hottest trend to help transform any party into a masterpiece. Balloon installations provide the perfect backdrop to your celebration without breaking the bank. We especially love having greenery tucked in with the balloons to add a chic touch, like in this Where the Wild Things Are-inspired shower.

2. Signage with the Baby’s Name

Not only does signage with the baby’s name make a perfect backdrop for a baby shower, but it doubles as a great decorative piece for the nursery afterward. These custom name signs are a perfect way to add an extra-special touch to your baby shower—and become a keepsake of the day for years to come! Here’s a beautiful example.

3. Tropical Themed

A tropical theme is one of our favorites. From bright colors to lush leaves, everything about this theme is bursting with life. Palm leaves and an assortment of tropical fruit are a must for this natural baby shower. These beautiful tropical vibes will make you feel as if you’ve been transported to a beachy resort.

4. Something Old to Celebrate Someone New

We are obsessed with vintage-inspired baby showers. Complete with antique lounge furniture and a flower crown, these showers are the perfect blend of cool and chic. Incorporating vintage touches is the perfect touch to add “something old” to your celebration of someone new!

5. Unique Animal Accents

By incorporating everything from bold animal prints to tribal-patterned linens, this bold and fun shower trend takes a walk on the wild side. A more modern and earthy take on the traditional jungle-themed baby shower, all of the greenery helps create a laid-back vibe. Plus, this is an easy way to keep a shower gender neutral by using natural color palettes.

6. Celestial Themed

Celestial themes are the perfect mix of whimsical and chic. Each incorporates trendy and stunning metallics with out-of-this world accents. We love all of the unique possibilities that this theme provides, including everything from stars to moons. The sky’s the limit when it comes to this stellar theme!

7. Beyond the Traditional Pink & Blue

From variations of blush and baby blue to completely new color combos, we love the trend of unique baby shower colors that more and more moms-to-be are opting for. Not only does this trend allow for more creativity in event decor, but it provides so many stunning options for gender-neutral showers!

8. Modern Twists on the Timeless Woodland Theme

The woodland baby shower theme is a tried-and-true classic. Recently, we’ve seen so many gorgeous, modern variations of the theme—we’re obsessed! Greenery is the perfect touch for this lush, outdoorsy theme. Of course, there should be no shortage of baby forest animals in the details (who doesn’t love baby animals?). This laid-back theme is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.

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