Best Diaper Bag Alternative
Best Diaper Bag Alternative
August 11, 2016

Best Diaper Bag Alternative

Best Diaper Bag Alternative.
When your overflowing closet won't allow for another short-term use bag, this a favorite pick.Best Diaper Bag Alternative

How are diaper bags actually different from everyday purses? They’re probably a bit bigger than your everyday purse, and diaper bags definitely have more compartments for all things baby.

So do you really need to buy a diaper bag (or need to put one on your baby registry? To be honest, we don’t think you must have a diaper bag (but don’t get us wrong, we love some stylish diaper bags!).

When we saw that Chloé Fleury used a backpack as her diaper bag, we had to ask to her more. Here’s what the lovely Chloé told us about why she loves her diaper bag backpack.

I am not really into diaper bags, and I don’t really like their shape and cheesy prints. I wanted something different. I ordered this Kanken backpack when I was about five months pregnant not because I was planning on using it as a diaper bag but because I’ve wanted it for a long time, and I needed a backpack for our little weekend adventures/hikes. It was when I began putting together my maternity necessities in my backpack, that I got the idea to use this backpack as my diaper bag! It has been extremely practical.

With the Kanken backpack, I found that I can carry all my baby stuff as well as my own! In the large main compartment I have my baby’s things: diapers, wipes, bottles…it’s super easy to organize and put in/take out things thanks to the large opening (zippers going all the way down) and the square shape. It’s amazing that I don’t have to dig for hours to find things anymore! I use the two side pocket for my keys and sunglasses. And the zippered pocket in front for my phone.

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The Kanken backpack is super stylish and fun. They have an amazing color choice, and also a mini version for kids. So now I have both, the larger one for the weekend or vacations, and the mini version for our little stroll in San Francisco. What’s more, my daughter will be able to use the mini one when she starts going to school!

And the best part about this backpack is that you can hang it on to the stroller handle with the extra clip from the backpack handles! That way I don’t have to carry the bag on my back. Nor do I have to detach it from the stroller to take things out.

Plus my husband can carry it too–without being embarrassed! He would never carry a regular diaper bag. That is way too girly for him.

Even if the Kanken is my favorite option as a diaper bag, the diaper backpack has definitely made a comeback these past few years and there are now so many cool and stylish options to choose from.

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