10 Essential Items for Your Minimalist Diaper Bag (plus 3 Cute Diaper Bags)

10 Essential Items for Your Minimalist Diaper Bag

December 3, 2017

10 Essential Items for Your Minimalist Diaper Bag

10 Essential Items for Your Minimalist Diaper Bag
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It's entirely possible to get out the door without dragging half of your nursery with you.10 Essential Items for Your Minimalist Diaper Bag

In your pre-baby life, you may have been able to breeze out of the house with nothing but a well-coordinated handbag. These days, though, it may seem impossible to get out the door without dragging half of your nursery with you.

But if you just stick to the essentials, you can travel light and yet still be prepared for every mess, meal and meltdown. Use this list to streamline your diaper bag. (P.S. Don’t forget the diapers and wipes.)

A Backup Outfit for Baby

Milky spills and diaper leaks are almost inevitable, so you’ll want to keep an outfit change on hand. This comfy bodysuit is 100-percent organic cotton, with a lap shoulder neckline that makes it easy to slip on or off your little one. Plus, the trademark bee patch makes it almost as stylish as whatever adorable ensemble your baby left the house in.

A Multi-Purpose Blanket

Once you’ve been at this parenting thing for awhile, you learn that some products serve many functions. These soft, high-quality muslin blankets are for more than just cuddling up. While primarily a lightweight swaddle cloth, you can also use the breathable blankets to create shade for the stroller, as a nursing cover and as a tummy time mat. In a pinch, they’ll even work as a burp cloth or a cleanup rag.

Wet Bags to Contain Whatever Mess

When blowouts happen, your first inclination may be to toss everything into the trash. With these waterproof bags, though, you can just seal it all up (including cloth diapers) in a sack that keeps the stench at bay. They’re also machine washable, so once you get everything home, the bag goes right in with the laundry.

A Paci that Lives In Your Diaper Bag

These pacifiers are an infant essential, so you’ll want them on hand whenever you leave the house. They’re made from BPA-free, latex-free silicone and specifically designed to fit your baby’s tiny mouth. Not only that, but they work with the WubbaNub, so you can keep your child’s soother close and cuddly.

A Go-Anywhere Changing Pad

Plopping your little one on the ground for a quick change often results in lots of audible wailing—and who knows what the surface you’re putting them on has been through. This compact roll-up pad is plush and comfy, making those on-the-fly diaper changes infinitely more pleasant for baby. Thankfully, it’s machine washable, and the hypo-allergenic fill and organic cotton material check all of the enviro-conscious boxes.

A Keep-Cold, Keep-Warm Water Bottle

When taking care of baby, it’s easy for mama to forget about her own needs. Staying hydrated is super important, especially if you’re breastfeeding. This insulated water bottle keeps liquid cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to 12 hours. It’s also sweat free, so it won’t create dampness in your diaper bag. If you’re formula-feeding, you can also use the stainless steel, BPA- and phthalate-free bottle to hold water for your formula mix (just be sure to bring along a small ziploc or glass container with the powder).

And a Bottle for Baby

Obviously, a formula-feeding baby can’t just chug their meal from your wide-mouthed water flask. These glass bottles are perfect for when you’re on the go, with a silicone plastic sleeve to protect against breakage. Plus, its unique nipple design allows for easier latching.

A Stealth and Stylish Breastfeeding Cover

Babies need to eat, even when you’re smack dab in the middle of errands. These pretty-patterned pieces are extremely breathable (made of 100-percent open-weave muslin), allowing baby and mama to stay cool while nursing “undercover.” They also have a signature open neckline that provides more ventilation and enables you to maintain eye contact with your little one.

A Must-Have Snack for Mom

A mama on-the-move needs to keep her energy up, and these lactation cookies serve double duty. Made with organic oats, flour and flaxseed, they’re high in calcium, folic acid and other essential vitamins that’ll keep you going. The clincher: they boost breastmilk supply as well! If you don’t want/need the lactation bump, these protein bars provide long-lasting energy.

A Cute, Compact Catch-All

When your baby needs something fast, the last thing you want to do is go digging around in your gargantuan diaper bag. With this three-pack of little pouches, you can store pacifiers, first-aid supplies and snacks (or your ID and phone) in easy-to-find sacks.

Plus 3 Cute Diaper Bags

The Backpack Diaper Bag

If you’re gearing up for a long day, a backpack-style diaper bag is far more ergonomically friendly than most. This utilitarian sack is made with mom (and dad) in mind, with separate pockets for cell phones, diapers and wipes, and bottles. It even comes with its own memory foam changing pad, in a cushioned compartment that can hold an iPad. The resin coating and antimicrobial lining keeps gross germs at bay, but regardless, you can throw the whole thing in the washing machine when it’s been roughed up.

The Tote Diaper Bag

This roomy carry-all can literally pack it in, with six interior pockets, as well as a small pouch. It also has a zip-top closure that keeps all of your baby must-haves from spilling out everywhere. Not only that, but it comes with its own changing pad and wipes holder—what more do you need?

The Trendy Diaper Bag

This affordable diaper bag is so stylish, you might almost forget it’s lugging baby gear. Still, it’s extremely functional, with a spacious main compartment, separate bottle pockets and exterior pockets to make finding things easier. It also comes with a coordinating changer pad and a wipe case and dispenser.

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