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11 Essential Items for Your Minimalist Diaper Bag
Updated on
June 29, 2022

11 Essential Items for Your Minimalist Diaper Bag

By Babylist Team
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11 Essential Items for Your Minimalist Diaper Bag .
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11 Essential Items for Your Minimalist Diaper Bag

Remember breezing out your front door with nothing but your wallet and keys, your phone and your freedom?

Neither do we.

These days, getting out the door without dragging half of your nursery with you is quite the accomplishment. But minimalists, don’t lose hope! It is possible to travel light and still be prepared for every mess and meltdown that comes your way.

Stick to the essentials and use this list to streamline your diaper bag. (Just be sure not to forget the diapers and wipes.)

Function + Beauty

What’s not to love about this streamlined bag that’s the perfect combination of form and function? This vegan leather diaper bag from Freshly Picked can be worn as a backpack, a crossbody or a purse, and its minimalist style makes it look more like an everyday bag rather than something you use to carry around dirty diapers. It’s 100% wipeable and spill-resistant both inside and out and features 10 pockets and a magnetic flap that makes it easy to access your things.

Simple and Stylish

Don’t be fooled by the minimalist design of this bag—it’s built to hold everything you’ll need (and more) for an outing with your baby in one simple, stylish package. This vegan leather bag comes in four subtle shades and is accented with gold-tone hardware. There are six pockets on the inside and six outside so you’ll never have to worry about storage space, and the bag can be worn as a backpack or a messenger style. 

Maximum Minimalism

Is “hip pack” just the new, cooler way to describe a fanny pack? Sure—but either way, we’re on board as this convertible pack is the ultimate in diaper bag minimalism. It’s simple, sleek and keeps your hands free for the million other things you’ll need them for when out and about with your baby. It holds just enough—but not too much—and if you pack light (and smart) you can definitely make it work for all of your essentials.

A Go-Anywhere Changing Mat

This minimalist-inspired bonded leather mat is almost too beautiful to use for diaper changes. And while it is possible to change your little one on your lap when you’re away from home, keeping a portable changing mat in your diaper bag will make the process a whole lot easier. This one is soft and smooth and wipes clean in just a few seconds. It also folds compactly so it won’t take up too much of your precious space.

An Outfit Change

Spit-up spillovers and diaper leaks are almost inevitable, so you’ll always want to keep an outfit change on hand. Nothing beats these bodysuit basics from Carter’s. They can be used on their own or as an undershirt layer if it’s chilly outside. They come in short and long sleeves, and they feature expandable shoulders for easy on and off. And for under $15 for a pack of five, you can’t beat the price.

A Pacifier Just for Your Diaper Bag

Buying a pacifier that’s dedicated just for your diaper bag means you’ll always have one on the ready when your little one gets fussy. Made in Denmark, these natural rubber pacis from Bibs mimic the shape and softness of a breast. They come in the most beautiful hues and stand out from lots of other pacifiers on the market.

A Multi-Tasker

A good swaddle blanket is the champion multitasker. Keep one in your diaper bag at all times to use as an extra layer to keep your little one warm, of course, but also as a nursing cover, a clean play space, a changing pad or even to create shade in your stroller or car seat. These bamboo knit swaddles from Copper Pearl are some of the best. They’re oversized, super stretchy and really breathable.

A Diaper Balm—and More

Even diaper changes on the go require diaper cream if your little one has an irritated bum. Earth Mama’s organic formula works wonders to prevent and heal any type of diaper rash or irritation—and it’s great for lots of other things too. It can be used as a first aid salve, to help relieve bug bites or even just as a quick moisturizer.

A Cleaning Workhorse

There’s nothing these burp cloths can’t tackle, and they work in just about any messy situation you can think of from spit-up to solids. These are made from organic cotton so they’re soft and gentle against baby’s skin and really absorbent. Each pack comes with five burp cloths so you can reserve some for at home and some for your diaper bag.

A Purer Diaper

Don’t forget one of the most important things you’ll need to pack in your diaper bag—diapers! Pampers Pure are minimal in all the right ways. They’re free of chlorine bleaching, parabens, fragrances and latex and are made from plant-based fibers. They are soft against your little one’s skin but still provide great leak protection.

Wipes with Nothing But Water

It doesn’t get more minimal than this. Water Wipes are made from exactly what you’d think: 99.9% water. (And a drop of fruit extract.) They’re the perfect all-purpose wipe for cleaning tiny bottoms, hands, faces and other sensitive areas. Keep some stocked in your diaper bag for those inevitable messes.

A Portable Sanitizer

And speaking of messes…you’re going to want a quick way to clean your hands when you’re doing diaper changes (and who knows what else) on the go. This antibacterial hand sanitizing spray from Baby Bum kills 99.9% of germs and is easy to stash in a pocket of your diaper bag. It smells great and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind.

A Wet Bag to Contain the Mess

When blowouts happen (and they will), your first inclination may be to toss everything right into the trash. But with these waterproof bags you can just seal it all up and keep the odor—and the stink—at bay. This one is large enough to hold about four cloth or disposable diapers but also works well for wet clothes, bathing suits or whatever else you want to keep separate from the rest of your stuff. The bags are reusable and machine washable and also have a hanging loop that attaches to your stroller or diaper bag.

A Fussbuster

It’s always a good idea to keep a small toy or teether in your diaper bag for an easy distraction when your baby gets fussy, and this handmade teething rattle is perfect for just that. It pairs wooden rings with silicone beads and is great for grasping, chewing and tactile stimulation. It’s also beautifully designed and easy to toss into your bag before you head out the door.

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