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Why I Love It: Mina Baie Stevie Diaper Backpack
Updated on
April 10, 2024

Why I Love It: Mina Baie Stevie Diaper Backpack

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Why I Love It: Mina Baie Stevie Diaper Backpack.
Why I Love It: Mina Baie Stevie Diaper Backpack

Is there a baby product you’re absolutely obsessed with? Or something from your registry that you didn’t think you even needed—but now can’t stop telling everyone about? We’re talking to real parents about the baby gear they just can’t live without, from $20 snot suckers to $300 breathable crib mattresses and everything in between.

Why I Love It: Mina Baie Stevie Diaper Backpack

Why did I get it?

Briana, mom of two toddlers ages four and two (and Babylist’s Assistant Editor), lives in the suburbs of Sacramento, California.

I’ve always loved bags and purses. But when my first was born, I needed to pack a ton of stuff to be prepared for whatever an outing with a newborn would bring. He had a blowout? Spare clothes and a wet bag, packed. I’m ravenous from breastfeeding? Favorite snacks secured. But I also wanted to find a bag that I would love to carry.

Mina Baie Stevie Diaper Backpack photo

Why do I love it?

  • Mina Baie was founded by a mom with a love for style and fashion—combine those two things and you’re bound to get something great.
  • I love the style of the bag. The Stevie doesn’t particularly look like a baby bag but has all of the things you’d want (and need) in a diaper bag, making is super functional.
  • There are a ton of thoughtful features built into this backpack. The inside has 10 pockets, a laptop sleeve and an easy-to-clean water-resistant lining. There are five external pockets with even more organizational possibilities. The front zip pocket is perfect for storing your essentials like Chapstick, wallet and keys. And there’s an insulated bottle pocket on the back.
  • You can carry it a few different ways—as a backpack with the padded strap or over your shoulder with the included shorter shoulder strap.

Diaper bag contents photo (What I pack in my diaper bag for two kids.)

Mina Baie Stevie packed bag photo (My packed Stevie Diaper Backpack.)

Who would I recommend it to?

Any parent really, but especially those who are looking for a diaper bag that doesn’t feel like a diaper bag. And parents of multiples! The way you can organize items is key for fitting in all of the important things.

Briana Engelbrecht

Assistant Editor

Briana Engelbrecht is the Assistant Editor at Babylist, where she brings her passion for early childhood development and experience as a mom of two to Babylist articles and product guides. A former preschool teacher, she loves children’s picture books, cats, plants and making things.

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