5 Reasons You Want a Lightweight Stroller in a Big City
5 Reasons You Want a Lightweight Stroller in a Big City
December 3, 2019

5 Reasons You Want a Lightweight Stroller in a Big City

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5 Reasons You Want a Lightweight Stroller in a Big City.
5 Reasons You Want a Lightweight Stroller in a Big City

For city parents, choosing your mode of transportation is no joke. No, we aren’t talking about the train or taxis. Once they’ve outgrown a carrier (or if you aren’t into babywearing), your stroller is the way your baby will get from place to place. And with crowded train platforms and cracked sidewalks to contend with, you need wheels that can hold their own.

But rugged strollers often come with one downside: they can be heavy. Which is why lightweight strollers can be a godsend for city parents. They’re more compact than full-size strollers, but with more features than an umbrella stroller (think: storage for your weekly grocery haul). But how do you know if a lightweight stroller is right for you?

We’ve partnered up with Bugaboo to answer just that. Inspired by the Bugaboo Bee 5 stroller (which at just over 19 pounds was designed specifically for the needs of city parents) here are five reasons you might want to consider a lightweight stroller in a big city:

1. You Live In a Walk Up Apartment

In a perfect world, we’d all live in luxury buildings with doormen and elevators (and a pool). In reality? City life often means walk ups. So if you’re going to be carrying a stroller up and down stairs every time you leave your home, consider how much weight you want to have to carry. Can you lift your stroller and your baby at the same time?

2. You Like to Multitask

Does your morning routine involve a cup of coffee from the cart down the street? The Bugaboo Bee 5 was designed with advanced maneuverability, so you can steer with one hand while you:

  • Swipe your train card
  • Eat a falafel sandwich on your way to your baby’s checkup
  • Google “How to soundproof apartment walls”

And, of course, while you get your daily caffeine fix.

3. You Take The Train

Public transportation is notoriously inaccessible for anyone on wheels. Which means, you guessed it: more stairs. But choosing a lightweight stroller for your commute isn’t just about your quad workout. Will you be taking the baby out of the stroller? Folding it up? Or carrying the whole shebang down to the turnstiles with you? If the answer is A or B, consider a stroller that can fold with one hand. Or bonus: one that comes with an easily removable bassinet.

4. You Have No Closet Space

If you want a full-featured stroller but don’t have the space to store it, a lightweight option like the Bugaboo Bee 5 is the happy middle ground. It folds flat in just one piece for easy apartment storage. (Unlike that bike you got and never used.)

5. You Still Have Stuff To Schlep

There’s usually one key distinction between a lightweight stroller and a traditional umbrella stroller: storage. Which can make or break your day when you’re trying to get home from the grocery store after shopping hangry. So look for a stroller that has a good amount of under storage for your average amount of schlepping.

Luxury Meets Lightweight

The lightweight Bugaboo Bee 5 stroller was designed specifically for city streets. It features an advanced suspension that makes it easier to maneuver with one hand. Add a bassinet for newborn travel, or use the included seat once your baby is six months old (the seat can be adjusted to face you, or turned out for people-watching mode). Then fold easily into one piece for apartment-friendly storage.

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