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Video: This $99 Car Seat Sensor Alerts You if You Leave Baby in the Car
Updated on
June 21, 2023

Video: This $99 Car Seat Sensor Alerts You if You Leave Baby in the Car

By Babylist Team
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Video: This $99 Car Seat Sensor Alerts You if You Leave Baby in the Car

Between the lack of sleep and adjusting to new baby routines, sometimes it’s helpful to have technology on your side for extra peace of mind while parenting. SensAlert by Doona is a special car seat sensor that works with almost any car seat and lets you know if you ever accidentally forget baby in the car (and with three levels of alerts, it even alerts your emergency contacts if you miss the message).

What the SensAlert from Doona Does

You can think of SensAlert like an extra pair of eyes in your car. The thin, durable, sensor-based cushion automatically detects when baby is in their seat and alerts you if they’re left behind. Here’s how that works:Doona Sense Alert Image

  • Once paired with your device, the SensAlert automatically connects to your phone through Bluetooth.

  • If you forget to turn it on or lose connection, SensAlert makes an intermittent sound to turn it back on to restore security and indicate connection status—like the 1:40 mark in our video.

  • SensAlert works with most car seats, even backless boosters without a traditional harness—just slip the SensAlert onto the seat like a cushion.

Doona Carseat Image

How does this work in real time? Let’s say you’re out running errands and you forget that you brought baby with you.

  • SensAlert will first alert you with a smartphone notification, as the owner of SensAlert
  • If you don’t respond, it will call your smartphone
  • If you don’t answer, it’ll contact your emergency contacts. You can add up to five emergency contacts in the Doona app (you have to provide a minimum of at least two).
  • SensAlert also provides the emergency contacts with the GPS location of your baby via a text message.
  • SensAlert can be shared with up to three people, so you can also use your SensAlert in different cars, and with other caregivers.

Why You’d Want the SensAlert from Doona

No parent ever wants to think they’ll be the one to forget their baby in the car, but the reality is, between sleep deprivation and changes in your routine, it happens to even the most attentive caregivers. And when the weather creeps up on the thermometer, that can have tragic consequences. SensAlert by Doona adds an extra layer of security to your baby’s car seat setup.

And because the SensAlert is cloud-based, it still works, even if you lose cellular reception. Plus, with a super-long battery life of up to one year, you don’t have to worry about keeping it charged.

Unlike car seats with built-in security sensors, SensAlert, at $99, offers flexibility and more affordable peace of mind against leaving your baby in the car.

Doona is best known for their all-in-one designs like the Doona Car Seat and Stroller combo (it’s not a travel system; the car seat literally is the stroller). And their grow-with-me Liki Trike can be used from ten months and up. Watch our video review to see more of this gear in action.

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