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8 Things to Know About the Nuna Bryn High Chair
July 2, 2024

8 Things to Know About the Nuna Bryn High Chair

By Babylist Team
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8 Things to Know About the Nuna Bryn High Chair

The BRYN isn’t Nuna’s first high chair, but it might be their most stylish. And unlike other high-end high chairs that make you buy accessories like the tray or seat pad separately, this one comes with everything you need to go from first foods to the big kid years. Julie, a Babylist parent of two, gives us the full rundown in the video above, or keep reading for what you should know before buying it or adding it to your Babylist.

Here’s What Stands Out:

The BRYN comes with everything you’ll want on hand from the time your kiddo sits up until kindergarten (and maybe beyond). Here’s what else is noteworthy.

How It Looks

  • Furniture-like design: Like Nuna’s strollers and car seats, the design is where the BRYN really shines, combining functionality and comfort with elevated style. It looks like a real piece of furniture, with rounded edges, warm wood legs and comfy fabric, with a modern silhouette that can be pulled right up to the table.

  • Sustainable sourcing: The BRYN comes in two finishes: maple wood with a light gray tweed seat and white tray and footrest, and black walnut wood with a dark gray tweed seat and black tray and footrest. Both are made with FSC-Certified and FAS-Grade wood, which means it has the least amount of imperfections, highest level of graining and is mindfully sourced for happier forests. The chair’s materials are also BPA- and DEHP-free.

Ease of Use

  • No-tool assembly: One of our favorite things about this chair? It’s so easy to assemble, a toddler can practically do it (but let’s leave it to the adults). It’s a one-person job (which you can watch sped up at the 0:13 mark), and once assembled has a small-but-nice detail: no visible screws, which adds to the refined, real-furniture look.

gif nuna bryn assembly

  • Magnetic buckle: This high chair has a 3-point harness (meaning waist and leg straps, but no shoulder straps). The two parts of the buckle easily glide together to quickly lock into place—which is helpful when you have a hangry little one squirming around (you may even be able to do it with one hand!). Also, while it’s easy for adults to fasten, it’s still challenging for toddlers to unbuckle it and climb out. See what we mean at 01:18 in the video above.


  • Converts from high chair to real chair: When your baby’s ready to have a real seat at the table, you can use the BRYN seat without the tray. Then when your child is able to climb up independently, you can remove the harness, armbar and seat pad to use it as a regular chair until six years old or 60 pounds (see how that works at the 01:29 mark in our video).

  • Adjustable footrest: Footrests aren’t just for comfort—they’re an important part of helping baby learn to sit up straight when they’re eating. This one slides up and down into three positions to adjust for growing legs—and you don’t need any tools to do it. You can also use the footrest in every stage so that they’ll still have that leg support while feeling like they’re in a big-kid chair.

Parent-friendly accessories 

  • Tray you can remove with one hand: You won’t have to put baby—or their plate—down to remove the tray (Check it out at 01:14). It has a smooth surface that wipes down and rinses easily, but just keep in mind it isn’t dishwasher-safe. It’s also quite roomy without being clunky—about two inches longer than most trays—with rounded edges that won’t trap crumbs.

  • Seat cushion that won’t slide: While you can use this chair without a seat cushion, it does come with one, which can make the seat more comfortable. The soft textured tweed covers the entire seat (bottom, back and sides) with a non-slip material on the bottom, which means it will stay in place even when your baby has the wiggles. You can also toss the fabric cover in the washing machine after a messy meal.

With all of those bells and whistles, the BRYN is definitely a luxury chair (the maple-wood version is $450 and the black walnut model comes in at $500). But considering how often your baby will use their high chair—presumably several times a day for several years—the longevity and sturdiness of this high chair definitely brings down the cost-per-use. 

Who Do We Recommend the BRYN High Chair For?

The main draws of a good high chair are often that it’s easy-to-use, nice to look at and comes with everything you need right out of the box. Most only tick two boxes, but the BRYN gets all three. Like other minimalist high chairs, it doesn’t fold, but its footprint is 2–3 inches smaller than some of those, which is always a plus. Watch our full video review to see the BRYN high chair in action—from assembly to how it converts from a high chair to regular chair.

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