Video Review: Baby Trend’s “Cover Me” 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat
Video Review: Baby Trend’s “Cover Me” 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat
August 3, 2021

Video Review: Baby Trend’s “Cover Me” 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

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Video Review: Baby Trend’s “Cover Me” 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Can you guess the most common convertible car seat complaint? Is it installation? Comfort? Nope and nope. It’s the sun. Most convertible car seats don’t feature the same sun protection you see on infant car seats. And anyone who has ever spent a road trip with a toddler knows that there’s a bonus circle of Dante’s Inferno called “The sun is in my eyes!”

Baby Trend Cover Me vs Infant Seat

The Cover Me car seat by Baby Trend is the first 4-in-1 convertible car seat to tackle this trouble spot. It features a huge, breathable UPF 50+ canopy, plus flip-out visors that help keep the sun out of your child’s eyes—no matter what direction they’re facing. Babylist Scout Jacquie took it for a test drive in the video review above to see what else makes this car seat special.

Baby Trend Cover me Pulling Canopy gif

What It Does

At around $150, the Cover Me 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is one of the most affordable 4-in-1 car seats you’ll find. But for being so affordable, it still manages to do quite a lot.

  • Birth to Booster: You can use this car seat from birth all the way up to belted booster seat (aka 4-100 lbs), making it a particularly long-lasting 4-in-1 option. Watch Jacquie’s video at the 0:47 mark to see the different riding modes in action.
  • Parent-proof Adjustments: The recline system and no-rethread harness on the Cover Me car seat both adjust without having to re-install or take apart the seat.
  • Slim Fit: Even though it’s not marketed as a slim car seat, the footprint of the Cover Me is pretty compact. Combined with the way the base adjusts (and the convenient flip-out footrest), this car seat is designed to give you a lot of options without taking up a lot of space.
  • Bonus Comforts: Baby Trend built in a few extra add-ons, like their anti-twist harness indicator (which helps you identify when your baby’s harness has gotten twisted) and a soft, multi-layered cushion for infant support.

Baby Trend Cover Me No-Twist Indicator gif

There are a few compromises you make for affordability here, though. Notably, the fabric is spot clean only, which may be a challenge given how long it’s designed to last. And if you watch Jacquie’s video at the 1:18 mark, you’ll see that the install is a little more involved than you might find on other seats.

The good news is that inexpensive does not mean unsafe! All car seats have to meet the same safety standards—and that includes the Cover Me—so it’s just a matter of which comforts and conveniences matter most to you.

Why You’d Want That

It’s not very fun when your baby gets sun in their eyes. And sunglasses and window shades don’t always cut it. This car seat solves that. With the $150 price tag, it’s also one of the most affordable and space-saving 4-in-1 car seats on the market. Watch Jacquie’s complete video review to find out if the Cover Me Convertible Car Seat will have your car seat needs, well, covered.

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