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4 Things We’re Loving About Banana Republic’s New Baby Clothing Line
Updated on
May 20, 2022

4 Things We’re Loving About Banana Republic’s New Baby Clothing Line

By Babylist Team
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4 Things We’re Loving About Banana Republic’s New Baby Clothing Line.
4 Things We’re Loving About Banana Republic’s New Baby Clothing Line

There are usually two categories that baby clothes fall under: the special outfits you pick out for your baby, and the ones your aunts and grandparents want to buy for the baby. But Banana Republic’s new line for little ones is a magical combo of both: super-stylish statement pieces that are also giftable keepsakes you’ll want to pass down to every kid in the family. Here are four things to love about this new collection.

Neutral Styles That Are Anything But Boring

Beige is big right now, but it’s not always easy to find neutral baby clothes that also have a playful personality. However the clever details on these explorer-inspired outfits add a modern touch that make these special pieces feel really fun. (They also included enough soft basics and one-pieces to make layering and outfit changes easy too.)

Passport to Print Town

Speaking of fun, the collection is peppered with whimsical hand-drawn prints that render baby-friendly themes (like zoo animals) in stylish, sophisticated form.

Ultra-Soft Sustainable Fabrics

What makes this collection particularly heirloom-worthy is the combination of premium fabrics—like 50% recycled cashmere and a special kind of cotton grown in the United States (called Supima Cotton) that’s stronger, softer and less likely to lose color than regular cotton.

Two Words: Matching Parent Outfits

And if baby-and-me outfits are your vibe (family picture day, anyone?) then you will not be disappointed. There are coordinating looks for parents too. Heck, even the dog gets a matching sweater.

You can see the entire Banana Republic Baby collection here.

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