Best Care Packages and Gift Baskets for Mother’s Day

Best Care Packages for Mother’s Day

April 28, 2020

Best Care Packages for Mother’s Day

Best Care Packages for Mother’s Day

Sending care packages has long been a tradition in support of those who are homesick or missing loved ones far away. And this Mother’s Day, that’s most of us; while we may all be conscious of the benefits of social distancing, being apart from our family and friends means we could all use a little extra support—and care.

Care packages contain a variety of things that help the recipients feel loved and supported. They can be themed around whatever someone needs most—food, toiletries, clothes, plants—or they can be an assortment of things. They can come pre-made in the form of gift baskets, or you can assemble them yourself.

Here’s a list of some of our favorite themed, pre-assembled care packages as well as ideas to create your own to send to a mom who needs some extra support this Mother’s Day, whether that’s a friend, an extended family member or, of course, your own mom.

Keep in mind: Some Etsy shops are closing temporarily for a few hours or days as they reach capacity for orders, allowing them to fulfill orders more steadily and not be overwhelmed. If a shop you want to buy from appears to be on vacation, check back early the next day or in a few days.

A shopping note: we realize that Mother’s Day shopping during social distancing looks a bit different this year than it has in the past. We’ve tried our best to choose gifts that will be available by Sunday, May 10, but be sure to pay attention to individual retailers’ shipping dates and delays when you’re ordering. And if you have your heart set on a gift but worry it won’t ship in time, we think mom will understand–just print out a photo of the gift and give that in the meantime!

Pre-Assembled Care Packages

Quarantine Package

We love this care package for any mom with a sense of humor. If you know a mom who enjoys succulents and puns, this box has what they need (it comes with a real succulent!). It comes with different sizing options to also include things like a candle, matches, stemless wine cup, lip balm and a handmade soap and bath bomb.

Spa Package

Spas are closed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give someone a spa day. Complete with bath essentials like natural soap, bath bomb, body oil, scented soy candle and more, this lavender-themed care package creates a welcome opportunity for mom to relax and do some self-care. You can even personalize the box with a name! Keep in mind: The majority of items in this care package are scented with lavender, so be mindful of any allergies.

Chocolate Package

We think moms are strong, brave, heroic people, and so do the chocolate makers at Seattle Chocolate. Created to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote, this care package of chocolate truffle bars and truffle candies quite literally tells the mom in your life “You’re my hero.” And this care package doesn’t just taste good, it also does good—five percent of profits are donated to Mary’s Place, an organization in Seattle, WA dedicated to helping women and families out of homelessness.

Nail Care Package

Sometimes, doing your nails is just about taking the time to do something nice for yourself (and treat those cuticles!). With seven polishes, universal applicator, buffer cube, polish remover and everything else you need to trim, shape and treat your nails and cuticles, mom won’t need the salon anymore. There may not be any place to go to show off a snazzy new manicure, but there’s always Instagram, even in quarantine—so this care package comes with a special built-in phone mount so you can snap nail pics at the perfect angle.

Comfort Food Package

Is there honestly anything better than comfort food? In a time when we could all use a little extra comfort and care, Spoonful of Comfort is creating care packages that give exactly that in the form of delicious soup, dinner rolls and cookies. Choose from five kinds of soup (in a whopping 64 ounces) and four kinds of cookies. This Mother’s Day package also comes with plantable seed confetti for an extra burst of something special just for mom.

Book Package

Thanks to a small, independent bookstore in Arizona, there’s a care package especially for book-loving moms too! You can pick your own book to send, or make a magical moment by letting the booksellers create a surprise package—just pick what kind of reader you’re buying for and what genres they like. They’ll also include a few surprise (themed) gifts like a candle, a notebook, a pair of socks, generally comforting things to create a cozy, curl-up-with-your-new-book atmosphere.

Picnic Package

Snacks abound! This gift basket is perfect for creating a special Mother’s Day picnic right in your own backyard (or living room, if you prefer to stay indoors). Gourmet options like cheese, fruit preserves, olives, English tea and more will have mom saying “yum!” before she even opens the packages. (And the basket, by the way, will make great decor when all the food is gone). Would mom like a little wine with her picnic? We love this gift basket with a trio of California wines.

Gardening Package

Some moms already have a green thumb while others are finding the opportunity now to grow one (pun intended). If you know a mom who’s thinking about taking up gardening as a new social distancing hobby, this package is the perfect starter set. Choose five seed starters from a list of popular vegetables and herbs and let ’em grow! The kit also comes with five pots for the seeds as well as soil and soil markers.

Coffee Package

The coffee connoisseurs at Bean Box are really good at finding unique flavors from small brands, and we’re willing to bet that there are some flavors here that the coffee-loving mom in your life hasn’t tried (yet). Choose whole bean or freshly ground for eight gourmet coffees, and paired with eight handmade biscotti cookies, this package will make mom’s caffeine habit feel truly cared for.

Tea Package

If you want a drink that really cares for someone’s soul, go for the tea. Sips by offers a wide variety of teas in one comforting little package—all you have to do is put on the kettle. Choose from caffeinated, caffeine-free or a mix as well as all loose leaf or a mix of loose leaf and bagged teas. The best part about this care package: it’s enough to make 50 cups.

Baking Package

For a lot of people, baking is a comforting, therapeutic activity (especially given the sweet little reward at the end). Red Velvet is well-loved for their baking kit subscription, but for a one-off gift, their store has a lot of delicious and varied options, like matcha swirl cookies, gluten-free flourless chocolate cake and Mother’s Day pink velvet cupcakes and bakeware gift set (our favorite!). Each kit comes with most of the necessary ingredients; the baking tools will need to come from mom’s own pantry (as well as eggs, if the recipe calls for them).

Build-Your-Own Care Package

Pre-made gift baskets and boxes are really convenient—and often a lot faster—but there’s something to be said about the homey comforts of a unique, personalized, made-by-hand care package.

If you’d prefer to create your own, that’s easy to do. While you can’t get out to browse your favorite local stores in order to curate all the fun, personal things for your favorite mom, you can shop online from lots of smaller, independent shops to create a unique care package. You could add a gift card from a cafe or store near them to use in the future, as well. Keep in mind: Buying separate items online means you’ll need to have the items shipped to you, and then you assemble the care package and send it out, so bake in a little extra delivery time. PS: USPS flat rate boxes are super affordable.

Want something more homey? Nothing says “here’s a virtual hug” like a dozen home-baked cookies or brownies (just make sure you don’t have to ship them too far or else they might go stale!). Or, if mom likes to bake things herself, put together a fun DIY cookie mix or hot chocolate kit. Have a favorite book you’re cool with parting with? Add it to the box for an ultra cozy, never-want-to-leave-the-house care package.

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