First Look: The New Dishwasher-Friendly High Chair from Boon
First Look: The New Dishwasher-Friendly High Chair from Boon
September 15, 2021

First Look: The New Dishwasher-Friendly High Chair from Boon

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First Look: The New Dishwasher-Friendly High Chair from Boon

When babies start exploring solids, they eat with all of their senses—especially touch. Which means that sticky, mushy, hard-to-clean food often ends up in the small crevices and soft surfaces of their high chair. So Boon—best known for this genius bottle drying rack—asked…what if you could put your entire high chair in the dishwasher and clean it like a plate?

That’s exactly what they created with the new Boon Grub High Chair. Babylist Scout Cherrell tests out this new gear in the video review above.

What It Does

Babies are shockingly effective at distributing mealtime messes beyond their tray. So there are two big wins with the Grub:

  1. A smooth, crevice-free design that’s easy to wipe down.
  2. A removable seat that you can pop right into the dishwasher—the seat goes on the bottom rack and the tray goes on the top rack.


But being easy-to-clean isn’t all the Grub has going for it. Like the rest of their feeding tools, Boon snuck a bunch of smart design details onto this chair:

  • Six months to six years: As your baby grows, the Grub will grow with them. You can remove the tray for tableside mealtimes, and then remove the lower legs to transform your high chair into a toddler chair like this:


Watch Sherell’s video at the :50 mark to see all the different ways this high chair adapts with your baby’s growth.

  • Built-in storage: When you’re not using your Grub, you can remove the tray and store it inside the legs. There’s also an integrated hook on the back of the chair for quick bib access.
  • Style meets substance: With white and charcoal color options, the Grub is sleek, modern and stylish. You can even buy backup chair pads (also machine washable) in three modern, muted tones.

There are a few things you’ll want to know before adding this chair to your registry. First, removing the tray takes a little bit of practice and isn’t a one-handed job (watch Cherell’s video at the 1:33 mark to see what we mean).

Otherwise, it’s worth noting that the base of the Grub is a bit on the wider side. So when it’s not in use, you may want to store it away from areas where a toe could easily be stubbed.

Why You’d Want That

High chairs are notorious for getting, well, kind of gross. And it’s often hard to get them completely clean—especially the seat. If you have a dishwasher, you know there’s a pretty big difference between handwashing your most frequently used pots and pans and letting the dishwasher do the dirty work. Watch Cherell’s complete video review to see if the Boon Grub High Chair is the right choice to make your mealtime cleanup a little less messy.

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