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Video Unboxing: A Feature-Packed Car Seat You Can Use for 10 Years
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Video Unboxing: A Feature-Packed Car Seat You Can Use for 10 Years

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Video Unboxing: A Feature-Packed Car Seat You Can Use for 10 Years

As much as you may want them to, babies don’t stay babies forever. While you might not be thinking about the toddler years right now, you are probably thinking about car seats. And a car seat like the Britax One4Life ClickTight All-in-One that can last through every stage (for up to 10 years!) can actually be a saving grace in the long run. Babylist Scout Shannon takes you through all its modes in the video above.

What It Does

If Britax is known for one thing, it’s the safety and sturdiness of their travel gear, and the One4Life is just as safe as the rest of their parent-loved lineup. The key differentiator is the car seat’s longevity—it transforms from a rear-facing infant seat to a forward-facing 5-point harness seat and high-back belt-positioning booster seat. That’ll take you from the newborn stage, starting at 5 lbs, to the big kid stage with a max weight limit of 120 lbs. Here’s what else you can expect from the One4Life:

  • Super-Easy Setup: With their ClickTight technology, installing the car seat is as easy as buckling a seatbelt. See how Shannon does it at 00:38. To help you adjust it as baby grows, there are color-coded belt paths and easy-read indicators, too.
  • Comfortable Upgrades: Create the perfect fit with a 15-position headrest and harness adjusts in seconds. Premium padding, cooling channels, arm rests and removable head pillow make it a cozy ride overall.
  • Safe and Sound: The One4Life’s high-strength steel frame, SafeCell Technology crumple zone and two layers of side impact protection means it’s a safe ride at any age.

Something to keep in mind: the One4Life car seat is 30 lbs, a little heavier than most, but convertibles aren’t intended to be in and out of the car like an infant car seat is, so you may not notice it too often.

Why You’d Want That

Car seats are one of the true baby essentials (most hospitals won’t let you take baby home without one), so you’ll definitely need one with a newborn. As your baby grows, though, you’ll find that they may not use an infant car seat for very long.

Grow-with-baby car seats like the One4Life tackle that issue by giving you the option to convert it to other models throughout your kiddo’s early years—or in this case, an impressive 10 years. For you, that means no buying a new piece of gear for every growth spurt and no confusing installation each time. In our book, that’s a parenting win. Watch Shannon’s review to see just how versatile it is.

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