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8 Ways to Make Bathtime Comfier for You and Baby
Updated on
January 20, 2023

8 Ways to Make Bathtime Comfier for You and Baby

By Babylist Team
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8 Ways to Make Bathtime Comfier for You and Baby

While you don’t need to bathe babies every day, for a lot of families, the nightly bathtime routine can be a relaxing tool to wind down before bed and a special time to bond with baby. But getting your little one clean isn’t always the most ergonomic process—especially for your elbows and your knees. But these innovative bathtime essentials can make bathtime safer and more comfortable for both you and your baby. Watch the video above to see them in action.

A Bath That Works Outside the Tub

A standalone tub like The Bath Tub by Lalo lets you bathe your baby on any floor of your home—from the kitchen to the bathroom. The soft foam backrest supports newborns starting at birth, and the three-stage design grows with your baby through the toddler years and beyond. (You can watch the video above at the 1:23 mark to see how it converts from infant to toddler tub.)

Plus, unlike other tubs, when your baby no longer needs an infant bath, you can use the Lalo tub as a stylish sensory bin or for toy storage.

The Sleek and Functional Rinser

Even babies who love bathtime don’t always love getting their hair rinsed. A rinse cup like the one below is designed to keep water out of baby’s eyes thanks to a flexible lip that helps you pour water away from their face. It’s made with non-toxic, BPA-free plastic and rubber, and as baby grows, it can be a fun tub-time pouring toy, too.

Joint-Friendly Cushions

If bathtime is a daily ritual for your family, your body might start to feel it after a while (especially if you graduate to a tub that requires a lot of kneeling and bending). The Elbow Saver suctions to the tub so you don’t slip and slide while bathing baby, while the slip-resistant (and quick drying) Knee Saver protects your joints. When bathtime is over, they fold away for easy storage.

A Modern Spout Protector

Your baby might not be splashing around in their tub just yet, but it won’t be long before the bath becomes equal parts sanitation station and play zone. When that happens, this sleek silicone spout cover can prevent unexpected bumps and bonks from happening. Bonus: it’s made from FDA approved non-toxic food-grade silicone, because babies have a tendency to explore things with all of their senses, especially the tasting ones.

Delightful Bath Toys

Sometimes bathtime comfort is about making the tub a space your baby wants to be. When you’re ready to add toys to your routine, these stylish stackers are made from the same food-grade silicone as the spout protector above and have varying sized holes on the bottom for a fun sprinkle effect that will delight your baby. Plus, with a modern, muted color palette, you might not even mind leaving them out 24/7.

A Handy Bath Toy Bin

When it comes time for your own bath or shower routine, a bath toy bin keeps toys organized, dry, and most importantly, out from underneath your feet (aka no trip hazards). The sturdy woven bin stands up on its own or can be attached to your tub or shower wall and the holes on the bottom make it so water easily drains out.

Super-Soft Washcloths and Towels

Baby skin is softer and more sensitive than grown-up skin—so you may want to consider washcloths and towels to match.

These 100% organic Turkish cotton washcloths help get all of baby’s nooks and crannies (like those delightful neck folds) squeaky clean, and a snuggly hooded towel helps to keep little heads warm and dry after shampooing.

Between the bending and kneeling, baby bathtime can feel like an unexpected yoga class. But these essentials can make it feel more like a spa treat for everyone. Watch our complete video above to see Lalo’s bathtime essentials at work.

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