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Nanobébé Makes Bottle-Feeding Smarter for Breastfed Babies
Updated on
September 11, 2023

Nanobébé Makes Bottle-Feeding Smarter for Breastfed Babies

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Nanobébé Makes Bottle-Feeding Smarter for Breastfed Babies.
Nanobébé Makes Bottle-Feeding Smarter for Breastfed Babies

Bottles can be confusing—for babies and for parents.

Breastfed babies sometimes can experience nipple confusion with a bottle (hey, this isn’t mom!), making feeding time a challenge. Parents can be overwhelmed by all the bottle choices on the market, when all they want is a bottle that baby takes and is easy to use and heat up. And moms who spend all that time pumping want to make sure the nutritional benefits of that liquid gold make it from the breast to the bottle.

Nanobébé bottles aim to solve these problems for breastfeeding babies and their parents. They completely rethought the conventional bottle design. It’s actually shaped like a woman’s breast, complete with an offset nipple, to help babies instinctually switch back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding with ease.

They’re also specifically designed to prevent breastmilk from losing its vital nutrients during the storing and rewarming process after being pumped. How do they do it?

Nanobébé’s innovative shape spreads the milk into a thin, even layer in the bottle. This design enables both quick cooling and quick warming. The longer breast milk is left at room temperature, the more bacteria begins to grow within. The Nanobébé bottle is specially designed to quickly cool to fridge temperature in order to stop bacterial growth and keep those antibodies for your little one. Quick heating means that using boiling water is not necessary. The safe and even warming feature protects breast milk nutrients from nutrient-damaging temperatures, prevents nasty hot spots and gets that bottle to your hungry baby sooner.

Developed with the help of pediatricians, lactation consultants and biomedical engineers, Nanobébé bottles cool and heat up two times faster than standard bottles, which is a big deal during those middle-of-the-night feedings.

What else makes Nanobébé unique?

  • Easy for babies to hold on their own (when they’re ready, of course). The bottles are lightweight, and the rounded edges make them easier for little hands to grasp.
  • Won’t topple over like traditional bottles, thanks to the unique shape and sturdy base.
  • Stackable space-saver for more compact storage in the cupboard or fridge, and a great way to track pumping order.
  • It’s an all-in-one system—you can pump, store, warm and feed from the bottle.
  • Silicone nipples have a unique 360-degree venting system to help prevent colic.

The Nanobébé Starter Set comes with everything you need to get started bottle-feeding your breastfed baby—it comes with four 5 oz breastmilk bottles and slow flow nipples, a smart warming bowl, travel covers, storage caps, two breast pump connectors (it works with most standard breast pumps, including Medela and Ameda) and two pacifiers for babies 0-3 months.

Nanobébé has a complete line of essential feeding essentials for safe and healthy infant feeding, including bottle warmers, drying racks, sterilizers, breastmilk bags and pacifiers. They are available online at Babylist and both instore and online at Walmart and Target.

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