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A seat that’s loaded with features—and keeps your baby rear facing from birth to two years.

About this Product
  • Two-stage base for rear-facing use from birth to two years
  • SuperCinch tightener for easy installation
  • Bubble levels to ensure proper positioning
  • Compatible with Chicco strollers and other strollers
  • Machine washable Italian fabrics


Chicco’s FIt2 is an infant seat that converts to a toddler seat in a rear-facing position, so you can use it up to age two. Why is this important? The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends keeping your child rear facing until at least two, and in some states, it is becoming the law. However, most babies outgrow their infant car seats around a year, and then need to graduate to a convertible car seat. The Fit2 tries to solve this problem by keeping them in an infant seat til two, and then can graduate to the forward-facing position convertible. Get more info on how to choose a car seat.

The infant position is more reclined, with removable head and body supports, while the toddler position is more upright with greater leg room, offering comfort and safety for your growing child without taking up more space in the car.

A lever built into the base makes it super easy to switch between the two positions. The seven-position headrest and padded, no-rethread harness are easy to adjust throughout both stages.

Like Chicco’s other car seats, the Fit2 has features that help you install it correctly: a spring-loaded leveling foot with one-hand operation helps get the base angled properly, and two bubble level indicators let you easily verify the correct position. The LATCH connectors have a SuperCinch tightener help achieve a secure fit with a fraction of the effort.

An integrated stabilizer bar increases surface contact between the base and vehicle seat, providing added support and leverage for a secure install. The base also has integrated lock-offs for installing with the seat belt instead of LATCH connectors, and the enclosed underside helps protect your upholstery.

The Fit2 seat is thickly padded and lined with energy absorbing foam for side impact protection. The premium fabric is woven in Italy, with a removable, machine washable seat pad.

This car seat might not work all the way up to two years for very tall babies. Boys above the 75th precentile and girls above the 80th are more than 35” by then. If you come from a tall family and are counting on this until two, keep that in mind.

Stroller Compatibility

To attach the car seat to a stroller, the Fit2 is compatible with most Chicco strollers and other popular strollers, including the list below (this list isn’t exhaustive, but includes strollers featured in the Babylist store). Non-Chicco strollers require an adapter to fit the Fit2.


  • Stage 1: for infants and toddlers 4–35 lbs. and up to 35”
  • Stage 2: for infants and toddlers 15–35 lbs. and up to 35”
  • Assembled: 28” x 17” x 16”
  • Base only: 21.25” x 15” x 12.5”
  • Seat without base: 11 lbs.
  • Base only: 9.5 lbs.
  • Spot clean fabrics with mild soap and water or machine wash; hang to dry
  • Includes car seat base

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May 21, 2019

I love the sturdy, yet comfy design. It held my 7lb newborn baby just as easily and comfortably as it does now that she’s 8 mos and more than 28 inches long. We chose this car seat because we are taller, and we wanted a seat that could easily accommodate our growing baby and keep her rear-facing as long as possible. So far it has done the job beautifully. Once she gets just a little bit taller it will have to function as a car seat only and not an infant carrier which was to be expected (the handle won’t be able to go over the top of the seat). It's easy to adjust the straps and to take apart to clean when needed. I do recommend getting a stroller that can carry the car seat because as the baby grows it become difficult to lift and carry.

April 9, 2019

This car seat is easy to use and easy to double check that it's installed correctly. The level on the side makes it easy to determine if the seat is at the right angle, and it's easy to give everything a tug before putting baby in to make sure the seat is being held securely. I'm thrilled I'll get to use it even longer because it is a 2 stage seat that can switch to rear-facing. We were thinking about using a convertible seat, but our daughter was premature so we had to use an infant seat. This seat was perfect for her, and still is. Read the manual! It seems like a pretty straightforward installation process if you've ever installed a baby carseat before, but it's still definitely worth a read first to make sure you're doing it right. For some reason the "one touch" button to tighten the straps is pretty fussy when the seat is attached to the base, so I often end up having to press the button with one hand and tighten the straps with the other.

August 31, 2018