First Look: A Bedside Sleeper That’s Also a Portable Lounger
First Look: A Bedside Sleeper That’s Also a Portable Lounger
June 17, 2022

First Look: A Bedside Sleeper That’s Also a Portable Lounger

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First Look: A Bedside Sleeper That’s Also a Portable Lounger

HALO is widely known for helping parents navigate the world of baby sleep. In their line-up of sleep gear, BassiNests stand out. These bedside sleepers let parents safely sleep next to their little ones without bedsharing.

The BassiNest 3.0 takes many of the features of the earlier models—swiveling bassinet, easy lowering wall and lightweight mesh panels—but updated the base to be 30% lighter and made the bassinet detachable (so you can use it as a portable lounger!). Babylist Scout Maxey takes a detailed look at the HALO BassiNest 3.0 in the video above.

What the BassiNest 3.0 Does

Whether you want your little one bedside for middle-of-the-night feedings or like the freedom of moving a napping baby from room to room, the Halo BassiNest is a parent-friendly sleep solution. Here’s why:

  • Safe (and Extra-Close) Sleep: Babies need a firm, flat sleep surface but tend to like being as close to you as possible, and this bassinet lets you have it both ways. It swivels, allowing you to bring your baby extra close (no other bassinet actually swivels over a parent’s bed!) and has an easy-lowering wall that makes it easy to access baby without bending or twisting. Oh, and it’s height adjustable too.
  • Sleep Anywhere: The 3.0 is designed as a super-close bedside crib, but its 2-in-1 feature also lets you detach the bassinet from its base and use it as a lounger on the floor around the house. (Hint: great for when you desperately need that shower.)
  • Light But Mighty: The sleek redesign of the 3.0 gives it a streamlined look with a new, lighter base (the full bassinet is 22.6 pounds and the detachable bed is just 9.5lbs, which is only a little heavier than a gallon of milk). This can be especially helpful for parents who can’t move heavy items while recovering postpartum.
  • Ready For Zs: The BassiNest 3.0 comes with a sleep-safe mattress pad and a removable, machine-washable sheet, giving you everything you need to set it up and use right out of the box.

As far as extras go, the 3.0 is compatible with all BassiNest accessories including their Dreamweave Mattress pad if you’d like to swap the included mattress for a super-breathable, hypoallergenic and 100% washable option.

Why You’d Want That

The thing parents love about HALO BassiNests is that it lets you bring your baby super close to your sleep space, while still practicing safe sleep. But the new 2-in-1 feature changes things up: you also get the freedom to move about with your little one by your side.

Gotta run to the bathroom with no one to watch baby? Pop off the bassinet and rest them on the floor close by. Want to sit on the couch and catch your favorite show during naptime? Carry the bassinet to the living room and kick your feet up. As long as you have clear floor space, you have a place to put the BassiNest 3.0 in its lounger mode. See Maxey’s full video review and find out if this upgraded BassiNest should become a part of your new sleep routine.

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