How to Prepare Your Dog for Baby
What to Know About Preparing Your Dog for Baby
February 2, 2023

What to Know About Preparing Your Dog for Baby

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What to Know About Preparing Your Dog for Baby.
What to Know About Preparing Your Dog for Baby

Adding a baby to your family is a big transition for everyone, including your dog. Babies need a lot of attention and come with a lot of new noises, smells and stuff. Overnight, your dog (who may be like your first baby) will need to share you and their space, and your pup will have to adjust to your new routine which inevitably leaves less time for them. But there are a few things you’ll want to do ahead of baby’s arrival to prepare your furbaby for their new BFF.

Here are some tips to make the transition a little bit easier:

How to Prepare Your Dog for a New Baby

  • Brush up on training: You’ll want to make sure your dog has some basic training and can follow simple commands before baby arrives. A few useful commands to have in your toolbox when you have a new baby around are: sit, stay, lay down, no licking, quiet—you get the gist. You can teach your dog yourself or find a professional depending on how much training your dog needs.
  • Create a designated “baby-free” zone: Even the sweetest, most well-mannered dogs can display food aggression. You’ll want to make sure your pup has their own designated safe space for them to eat (and sleep) that is inaccessible to baby.
  • Set off-limits areas: Will the nursery be a dog-free zone? Kitchen? Maybe the couch? Decide which areas you want your dog to stay out of and allow a lot of time to practice these new boundaries together.
  • Get them familiar with baby items: Adding a baby to your family means you’ll be acquiring quite a bit of new gear around the house. Set up any baby items ahead of time so your dog can acclimate.

Must-Have Gear for Dogs & Babies

From babyproofing to family outings, we’ve rounded up our favorite gear for parents of babies (both fur and human).

Baby gates are great for both keeping your dog out of certain areas of your home and creating a baby-free space for your dog to retreat to (especially handy once baby is mobile).
PortionPro Rx
This food bowl is microchip activated so it only opens up when your pup is nearby–no dog food taste testing for baby!
You’ll already have your hands (very) full, so we love this leash bag combo for storing essentials such as your keys, phone, doggie bags and treats.
A doggie booster seat is a great idea for keeping everyone safe during car rides.
Earth Rated
The great thing about these bags is they can also be used for poopy diapers on the go!
This lightweight carrier is breathable and versatile, perfect for keeping your hands free when going for walks with your dog.
Once they’re mobile, babies have a knack for finding the tiniest specs of any debris your dog tracks in. This vacuum is great for quick clean-up jobs.
The Foggy Dog
A cozy bed with a machine washable cover.

Our favorite matching sets and toys.

These personalized bandanas for your pup make for the cutest pregnancy announcements.
Matching clothes for baby and dog? We can’t.
Mace and Milo
Get your cameras ready.
Little Unicorn
Take an extra blanket to swaddle baby with during your hospital stay and have someone take it home to your dog before you're discharged. It's a good idea to get them familiar with baby's scent before the physical introduction.
This fun box is entertainment and snacks, delivered monthly.
Keep your dog entertained while you take care of baby with this engaging treat toy.
Natalie Nelson
A sweet little book that would make a cute “big sibling” gift from baby to pup.
For your baby’s library, a classic book about a pup and his baby.

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