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16 Mix-and-Match Gender Neutral Staples for Baby That Are Still Fun
Updated on
September 11, 2023

16 Mix-and-Match Gender Neutral Staples for Baby That Are Still Fun

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16 Mix-and-Match Gender Neutral Staples for Baby That Are Still Fun.
16 Mix-and-Match Gender Neutral Staples for Baby That Are Still Fun

When you’re a bleary-eyed mess from late-night fussiness or running 30 minutes late because of a diaper blowout, it can be handy to have a closet full of staple baby outfits that require as little guesswork as possible. But does that mean you need to stock up on basic bodysuits only? (Nope! Unless you want to.)

We’ve teamed up with Pehr to share easy ways to create mix-and-match outfits that

  • A: Are gender-neutral
  • B: Can help you get your little one ready in mere minutes

Each item, from quick one-pieces to aww-worthy rompers, is made of organic cotton to keep your baby comfy no matter the season. Bonus: if you’re thinking of growing your family, these timeless staples aren’t just gender neutral, they’re also super-high quality so you can easily pass them on to several different babies—whether that’s your own, your niece or nephew, your bestie’s baby or all of the above. Here are four tips for creating a super-cute wardrobe for your baby that you barely have to think about.

Easy All-in-Ones

There’s nothing easier than overalls or rompers when it comes to getting your baby dressed on the fly—but don’t worry, these ones have snaps so you won’t have to get baby completely naked for every diaper change. Pro tip: one of the benefits of all-in-ones is that you can easily add a long-sleeve bodysuit or pants during transitional weather.

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Patterns are the New Neutral

It can be tempting to go all beige or gray when picking out basics for baby, but patterns can be neutrals too. Look for soft, subtle patterns like the ones on these Pehr one-pieces. Want to make it more fun? Mix different patterns like stripes and prints for a more playful look.

Mix-and-Match Layers

If pattern matching sounds stressful (especially on three hours of sleep), try this: stick with different shades of the same color and everything will always match.

Don’t Forget Functional Accessories

As fun as dressing your baby can be, clothes also help protect babies’ sensitive skin. Remember: babies generally need one more layer than grown ups to reach a comfortable temperature, so it’s helpful to keep a long sleeve shirt or sweater in your diaper bag. On especially sunny days, reach for a hat with a wider brim and for colder weather, an ultra-soft beanie will keep them warm.

The good news is that babies are going to be stinkin’ cute no matter what you put them in, so don’t be too hard on yourself. But if the idea of organizing their closets and prepping their little outfits gets you up in the morning, there are tons more adorable staples from Pehr you can check out.

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