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Skill-Building Toys for Your Baby Registry
Updated on
March 4, 2022

Skill-Building Toys for Your Baby Registry

By Babylist Team
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Skill-Building Toys for Your Baby Registry

Slumberkins was founded as a creative collaboration between educator Callie Christensen and therapist Kelly Oriard while they were both on maternity leave in 2016. They set out to create tools that could easily be implemented into families’ everyday routines to support social-emotional learning, and provide therapeutic techniques and skill-building exercises.

The first years are so important when it comes to baby’s learning, and play time can help with their development. This sample baby registry, curated by the team at Slumberkins, has great ideas for skill-building toys.

Slumberkins Yeti: Mindfulness - $42.00.

Yeti’s story reminds children to slow down and be mindful of the world around them. With practice, the valuable skill of mindfulness can help them regulate emotions and reduce anxiety. This provides children with the lifelong foundation for a healthy mindfulness routine.

Slumberkins Yeti: Mindfulness

KiwiCo Project Subscription Box - $19.95 per month.

Developmentally appropriate skill-building boxes are delivered to your home and introduce STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) in an approachable way to children of all ages. Recommendations for younger children: Cricket Crate for children 0-36 months, Koala for ages 3-4.

KiwiCo Project Subscription Box

$19.95 per month
Highlights Hello Magazine Subscription - $39.96.

Made of a tear-resistant, washable material, these are perfect little magazines for babies to enhance your reading routine. Focusing on topics from foods to animal, to colors, Highlight magazines help children make sense of the world around them.

Highlights Hello Magazine Subscription

Slumberkins Comfort Corner - $15.00.

The Comfort Corner is a tranquil space to help a child calm down when they are feeling overwhelmed with emotions. The space was designed to create a safe space while building skills around identifying emotions, self-regulation, problem-solving and coping. The Digital Download set includes: 3x6-ft comfort corner backdrop, emotion identification posters, feelings flashcards, breathing posters and a parent resource guide to help set up a perfect comfort corner.

Slumberkins Comfort Corner

Little Sapling ASL Building Blocks - $70.00.

Not only are fine motor skills improved by using stacking blocks with your babies and toddlers, teaching them to sign can reduce frustration and tantrums and build confidence to learn additional languages.

Little Sapling ASL Building Blocks

Melissa & Doug Geometric Shapes Wooden Puzzle - $19.99.

Enhance your child’s fine motor skills, understanding of shapes and hand-eye coordination with this simple geometric matching game puzzle.

Melissa & Doug Geometric Shapes Wooden Puzzle

Slumberkins Alpaca: Stress Relief - $42.00.

Helping children to name and share their feelings, Alpaca is a friend who can help comfort children in times of stress or anxiety.

Slumberkins Alpaca: Stress Relief

Oompa Green Dollhouse - $250.00.

This gender-neutral dollhouse is the perfect addition to any nursery to encourage imaginative play, while also educating green living and alternative energy technology. A gift that will last years and a great way to start a variety of conversations with your little one!

Oompa Green Dollhouse

Manhattan Toy Natural Skwish Rattle - $20.99.

As parents ourselves we can attest that this is a crowd favorite! A multisensory, geometric rattle and teether, this is a must have.

Manhattan Toy Natural Skwish Rattle

Bannor Toys New Baby Gift Box - $47.99.

100% non-toxic and organic, this is a great assortment of wooden baby toys. This gift box includes: a dozen Baby’s First Blocks (introduces stacking, balancing, building and color), a Classic Rattle (develops sense of touch, sight and sound) and a Personalized Teether (wooden teethers are safe and comforting—and this one comes with your baby’s name engraved in it).

Bannor Toys New Baby Gift Box

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