Best Toys to Teach Colors in 2020
The Best Toys to Teach Colors
November 27, 2020

The Best Toys to Teach Colors

The Best Toys to Teach Colors .
The Best Toys to Teach Colors

Whether you’re gazing at a giant rainbow or simply pausing in front of the bright red glare of a stop sign, colors are everywhere in our world—and watching your little one discover them is pretty amazing.

Babies begin to see color within a few weeks of birth, and by three or four months old start being able to distinguish between them, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. And while simply being out in the world is the best way to share color with your little one, you can boost color learning and recognition with toys, too.

Here are the 12 best toys specifically designed for teaching colors to babies and toddlers.

Stack and Match

This wooden peg board combines two activities toddlers love to do most: stacking and sorting. Each peg is painted a different color and holds the shape pieces of that corresponding color. Taking the pieces off and putting them back on again is a great way for your toddler to learn colors, build fine motor skills, and of course have some fun.

Eggcellent Color Game

These should be the only dozen eggs you let your toddler play with, ever. Each one contains a different color and number with corresponding pegs and holes, so your little one will have to figure out the right match in order to get the eggs to snap back together. Just like some of the other toys on our list, this one’s great for teaching more than just colors—it also helps with counting and number skills, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and more.

Color 101

Think of this rattle as Color 101 for the tiniest of curious color seekers. This wooden ring is brightly finished (with child-safe paint, of course) with all the colors of the rainbow and just right for babies to grab, shake and explore. It’s also great as your baby gets older, too; each segment of the rattle can be flipped around to change the shape of the toy, making it a fun puzzle game.

Dance and Learn

Things this toy is not: quiet, wooden, Montessori. Things this toy is: bright, electronic, and crazy fun for little kids. (Really—lots of Babylist team members rave about it!) BeatBo will get the dance party going in your living room with fun songs and interactive moves. He’ll also teach your little one early concepts like colors, ABCs, counting and more. Just don’t blame us when you’re singing BeatBo tunes in your sleep…

Pantone Primer

For a quieter way to teach colors (phew), add this beautiful board book based on the famous Pantone color system to your collection. Each page introduces your toddler to one of nine basic colors and 20 shades of each. The book is beautifully designed and is a good start to exploring the color world.

A Timeless Rainbow

Toys from the German company Grimm’s are an investment, but they’re beautifully made and can be passed down through multiple generations, so we think they’re worth the higher price tag. This set of seven peg dolls each come in their own color-coordinated wooden bowl. They’re deceptively simple; there are so many ways to play with them, and you’ll be surprised what types of imaginative play your little one can come up with.

Sustainably Sourced

This simple wooden color matching game is sustainably produced, made with non-toxic color stains and one of our favorite ways to introduce colors and language to little ones. The eggs are two-sided, with the color name in English on one side and in Spanish on the other. Toddlers will love the silly chicken faces on each egg and the fun in finding just the right color match.

Creative Color Fun

Exploring colors through art is another way to introduce this early concept to your curious kiddo. We love these rock-shaped crayons as a modern take on this traditional art supply. The large oval shape makes them easy for little hands to hold, and each crayon features two color tones.

Sssssso Many Colors!

Ssssso you want to teach your toddler about colors? Check out this friendly snake! (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) This brightly colored, natural wood snake puzzle is a great way to introduce your toddler to some color fun and help improve your little one’s fine motor and spatial skills, too. We also love that the underside of each piece of the snake’s body has its own 3D shape underneath, adding to the difficulty level.

Building Color Skills

You may not think of LEGO as a toy for teaching colors, but you should. These basic building blocks made in all shades of the rainbow are the perfect first toy for introducing your older baby or toddler to colors. They’re also great, of course, for sparking creative thinking and encouraging problem-solving skills. These oversized Duplo blocks are perfectly sized for toddler hands.

On a (Color) Roll

It’s not always easy to find a game that isn’t too tough for the (easily frustrated) toddler set—but Roll & Play has managed to do it and do it well. This simple but fun game includes a large plush cube with a different color on each side and 48 game cards. There are clear, simple instructions and lots of fun ways to play that won’t end in tears. (We promise!)

Farm Fun

Take color exploration to the farm with this color sorting play set. It contains five oversized plastic baskets, each labeled with a different color, and 25 kid-friendly play fruits and veggies. Toddlers will love matching the various foods to their corresponding baskets. The play food can also be used on its own for imaginative play, a nice bonus.

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