What You Need to Build Baby's First Wardrobe
What You Need to Build Baby's First Wardrobe
August 6, 2018

What You Need to Build Baby's First Wardrobe

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What You Need to Build Baby's First Wardrobe.
What You Need to Build Baby's First Wardrobe

Shopping for baby clothes is seriously fun. Tiny one pieces, footed playsuits and matching accessories, in lots of cute patterns and colors.

But knowing just how many items you’ll need, or what sizes to get, can be a challenge for many new parents.

Here’s what you need to know when choosing baby’s first wardrobe.

Things to consider

  • Sizing: You don’t really know how big your baby will be until they’re born, but one thing is for certain—babies grow fast. So while you’ll want a few newborn items in case baby enters the world on the smaller size, the bulk of your first items can be in the 0-3M range (note: there are also preemie sizes for the littlest of little ones—7 lbs and under).
  • Fabric: Look for breathable, baby-soft cotton that’s durable and can stand up to loads of washing (seriously, machine washable and dryable is a must). Avoid scratchy tags that can irritate baby’s skin.
  • Budget: Baby clothes go through a lot. And while grandma or your BFF may want to splurge on an expensive dress or sweater for your shower, the truth is you don’t need to spend a fortune on baby clothes.

Here’s a list of must-have pieces for your baby’s first wardrobe and how many of each you should have on hand, featuring items from Carter’s Little Baby Basics collection

10-12 Bodysuits

Bodysuits are a staple of every baby’s wardrobe. With expandable shoulders for easy on and off, and reinforced snaps that will last through lots of diaper changes, these are cute building blocks for outfits, or good on their own. Throw a couple in your diaper bag in case of unexpected messes.

6-8 Sleep and Playsuits

These one-piece outfits are every new baby’s must-have. Perfect for playtime, nap time or tummy time, these soft cotton one-pieces zip or snap and come in several fabric options so they’re cozy and convenient. Preemie and newborn sizes come with mitten cuffs to avoid scratches from those sharp little nails.

6-8 Outfit Sets

There are days when life calls for something more than a basic bodysuit, and these cute, color coordinated sets are the answer. From sweaters and dresses to pants and shirts, one-piece outfits offer easy outfits in fun patterns so you can dress your little one in no time.

4 Bibs

Babies are messy by nature, and these cute-yet-functional bibs can help keep the spills, dribbles and spit up off of their clothes.

2-3 Hooded Towels

Super-soft terry velour is sure to keep baby happy, warm and dry. These hooded towels are perfect for baby’s first bath.

Cute and functional, these essential baby clothes will make life with your new baby just a little bit easier.

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