The 125 Best Books for Your Baby's Library
The 125 Best Books for Your Baby's Library
January 24, 2017

The 125 Best Books for Your Baby's Library

The 125 Best Books for Your Baby's Library.
Stories don’t just teach babies about numbers, colors, and shapes. Stories teach baby how to relate to others and face life’s obstacles in a way that is loving and brave. The 125 Best Books for Your Baby's Library

Important for fostering learning and imagination, books are useful (and charming) additions to your baby’s growing pile of stuff. With so many great reads out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing the right ones for your child’s library.

So we’ve done all the hard work for you! This round-up of our favorite titles will help you build a collection full of inspiration, education, and joy. Simply click on any of the categories to see a list of books in that category.

Smart Start: Board Books for Babies

Kids are ready to learn long before they go to school. By introducing them to simple and straightforward educational concepts early, you tap into their curiosity and set them up for schoolroom success. These fun and purposeful books will help your child with their numbers, letters, colors, and more.

Above and Beyond: Interactive Books for Babies

Play, draw, dance, and discover with these delightful interactive books. Designed to engage the senses, these stories allow your child to experience different sights, sounds, and textures so they can express themselves more fully.

Lots of Love: Books About Family

With beautiful storylines and heartwarming art, these family-friendly favorites will add light and love to your child’s bookshelf. They focus on relationship dynamics, teaching children the importance of family bonds and human connection.

Sleepytime Reads: Best Bedtime Books for Babies

Reading to your child at night is one of the best ways to not only bond with her, but to also help her fall asleep peacefully. This list includes both classics and new favorites that will send your child off to dreamland in the sweetest way possible.

Golden Titles: Best Award-Winning Books

These exceptional titles top book reviewers’ lists the world over. Adored by kids and adults alike, these award-winners are full of inspiring stories that tug at your heartstrings, beautiful art that you can’t forget, and priceless lessons that last a lifetime.

Creative Introductions: Books About Art

Exploring the fascinating lives of famous artists, explaining historical art movements in kid-friendly ways, and introducing children to the simple joys of artmaking, these books will help your little one grow up full of creativity.

From Moo to Meow: Best Animal Books

Cuteness abounds in these beloved animal books. Whether they feature a sweet critter as a main character or teach children about the joys and perils of the animal kingdom, these books will inspire an appreciation for the natural world in your child.

A Whole New World: Global Connections

Help your little one learn about the world beyond their front door with these incredible books about our global community! Introducing your child to new cities, countries, and cultures, these books will help your child become curious, open-minded, and considerate.

Choosing What’s Right for Your Collection

There are literally thousands of amazing kid’s books out there, so don’t let this list limit you! Curating the right collection comes down to a matter of taste: what stories do you and your baby enjoy? Those are the ones to pick, reread, and pass down.

Are there particular animals your child loves the most? Try searching for books that feature those animals. Are there particular topics that consistently interest your child, like bugs, crafts, or trains? Chances are there are hundreds of choices in those topics alone. You can also look for a main character that reminds you of your child.

Another thing to think about is what lessons you want to teach your baby about the world. Children’s books, even simple early ones, have incredibly powerful themes like forgiveness, unconditional love, family relationships, loneliness, sharing, finding belonging, and the triumph of good over evil.

What are the lessons that have helped you most in life? Can you gravitate towards books that express those lessons? If those lessons are deeply meaningful to you, chances are they’ll be deeply meaningful to your child as well. Stories don’t just teach babies about numbers, colors, and shapes. Stories teach baby how to relate to others and face life’s obstacles in a way that is loving and brave. That’s why we love stories!

It’s a bit of an intimidating thought, but when you pick baby’s library, you are in many ways molding their character. Or to put it another way, you’re infusing baby with the love, compassion, and wisdom of hundreds of children’s storytellers. It’s exciting.

Good luck building your big, beautiful library! You’ll do great!

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