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Best Toys for New Walkers of 2024
January 4, 2024

Best Toys for New Walkers of 2024

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Best Toys for New Walkers of 2024.
Best Toys for New Walkers of 2024

Watch out—there’s a new walker in town! Filled with energy, curiosity and just enough reckless abandon to keep you on your toes, your newly mobile toddler is ready to take on the world.

These toys are perfect playroom and outdoor additions for your new walker. They’ll help your little one with balance and coordination, build gross and fine motor skills and have fun along the way.

Pull Toys

Pull toys build coordination, fine and gross motor skills and even cognitive development.

Fun Ways to Balance & Move

Mix things up with ride-on toys and other indoor and outdoor toys that help build your new walker’s balance, strength and gross motor skills.

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