How to Create a Nursery That Grows with Your Baby
How to Create a Nursery That Grows with Your Baby
July 8, 2021

How to Create a Nursery That Grows with Your Baby

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How to Create a Nursery That Grows with Your Baby.
How to Create a Nursery That Grows with Your Baby

Babies have a clever way of speeding up time. One minute you’re researching cribs, and then in a blink your little one has figured out how to Houdini right out of it and suddenly you’re researching toddler beds. But there are ways to outfit your nursery so that it grows with your baby through those milestones (saving you from having to make surprise upgrade purchases in the process). Here’s what to look for.

Choose a Convertible Crib

Some babies will stay in their cribs well into toddlerhood. Others will start performing escape routines as soon as they learn how to stand up—and there’s no way to know which way your little one will go. When you’re considering cribs, look for one that’s either 3-in-1 or 4-in-1 convertible. That means it’s specifically designed to convert to a toddler bed once your baby outgrows a standard crib.

And it doesn’t stop there! 4-in-1 cribs can also convert to full-size beds (the back of the crib turns into a headboard). Just be sure to look at the fine print of whatever crib you choose to see if those conversion kits are sold separately. Most of the time the toddler bed rails and full-size bed rails will be extra. You’ll want to register for or buy them at the same time you get your crib to ensure they aren’t sold out when your baby is ready to move to their big kid bed.

Bonus tip: if you really want furniture that goes the extra mile, this crib is a sleep space and play house in one—the play area actually detaches to become two standalone pieces of furniture.

Skip The Changing Table

You’ll need a convenient (and preferably arm’s height) place to change your baby. But that doesn’t mean you need a changing table, per se. If you want to extend the use of your changing space, look for a dresser with a removable changing topper (or buy a regular dresser and add a topper of your choosing). Then, when your baby transitions out of diapers, you can still use the dresser well into their school years and beyond.

But what if you really want a changing table? Opt for a sleek, minimal style that can be used for other functions in your baby’s room or in your home. For example, a changing table like this could easily become a decorative storage area in your nursery or even a bar cart in your living room.

One Chair, Two Ways

A rocking chair or glider can make late-night feeding and soothing more comfortable for your baby and you. But what do you do when your baby no longer needs that motion? Look for a rocker or glider that converts into a regular chair (and back again) and you’ll have a versatile piece of furniture that can be used as a reading chair in your baby’s room or as additional seating in your own living room. Plus, if you hold onto the rocking legs, it’s just as easy to turn it back into a rocking chair for use with future babies.

Think Like a Toddler

When it comes time to decorate your baby’s room, think about what will happen once your little one becomes mobile. For example, look for kid-friendly library storage that’s low to the ground so that your baby can reach their favorite books on their own once they’re big enough to read Goodnight Moon solo (or at least look at the pictures!).

Open-ended cubby-style storage can also come in handy—what starts out as an organizer for tiny shoes and stuffed animals can become a combination toy and art supply bin as your little one’s interests develop over time.

Bonus tip: it’s a great idea to toddler proof your home even before your baby starts crawling. Look for things like outlet covers and cabinet locks, and secure furniture like dressers to the wall with anchors so that they don’t tip when curious hands try to climb.

Looking for inspiration on how to outfit your baby’s space? Take buybuy BABY’s nursery design quiz or browse shoppable nursery designs. You can even decorate a virtual nursery using this cool 3D room design tool.

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