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9 Easy Baby Outfits That’ll Get You Out the Door In Minutes
Updated on
September 11, 2023

9 Easy Baby Outfits That’ll Get You Out the Door In Minutes

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9 Easy Baby Outfits That’ll Get You Out the Door In Minutes.
9 Easy Baby Outfits That’ll Get You Out the Door In Minutes

You’ve had years of practice getting yourself ready and out of the door on time—you’ve maybe even got it down to a science. But throw a baby into the mix and it’s totally new territory. If you’ve never gotten a kid dressed, only for them to have a diaper blowout before you can leave the house, here’s a heads up: it can be super helpful to have a lineup of easy outfits for baby on hand.

So what makes an easy baby outfit? They’re comfy for baby, quick to slip on and off, they work well together no matter the occasion, can be layered for any environment and of course, they’re always cute. And that’s pretty much everything you’ll find from babyGap. From timeless denim staples to soft, multi-pack sets, you can find a wardrobe full of easy outfits for your baby, and we’ve partnered with them to share some of our favorites.

A Gender-Neutral Two-Piece Set

Two-piece sets are the literal easiest way to get your baby dressed. It requires no effort for matching top and bottom, and this particular waffle knit set is cozy and has charming details like their tiny embroidered mascot, Brannan Bear.

A Fancy Set for the Fashionable Baby

If you prefer a set with a little more pizazz, the puff sleeve details on this one are the star of the show. It also comes in leopard and floral prints for a little extra fun.

This Outfit is a One-and-Done Look

Another quick outfit solution for a baby is an all-in-one piece like this one. No need to pair a top and bottom—just slip it on your little one and ta-da! The soft sweater knit is great for chillier days, especially because babies need help regulating their temperature.

Okay, This Is Just Cute

Sometimes we’re just suckers for babies dressed in little bear outfits. What can we say? It’s adorable. This sherpa all-in-one is easy to slip on in a pinch thanks to the zipper, and it’s ultra-plush for keeping your little one warm in colder weather.

Parent Hack: Time-Saving Multipacks

A lineup of bodysuits like these are always helpful to have on hand for last-minute outfit changes, especially in neutral colors that pair well with other styles. Made with 100% organically grown cotton, they’re light and breathable for baby’s sensitive skin.

With a Pant Set to Match

Mix and match this pant set with the coordinating bodysuits and you’ve got three full baby outfits without doing any extra work. The easy, pull-on waist is extra helpful when you’re dealing with squirmy baby legs, too. Plus: it’s made with 100% organically grown cotton, too.

Classic Baby Overalls You Can Pair with Almost Anything

There are two types of people who always look good in overalls: farmers and babies. This denim set (made with 100% organically grown cotton) was made to be quickly slipped over bodysuits, tees and tops for an easy outfit that looks like it took more time to put together than it actually did.

Two Words: Baby. Cardigans.

Since babies need a little extra help regulating their temperatures, it’s always handy to have pieces you can layer. Throw this cotton knit sweater in your diaper bag and you’ll be ready in case you wind up somewhere with the air on full blast or if there’s just a cool chill in the air.

A Denim Jacket for Easy Layering

Speaking of baby outerwear, you’ve got to love a pint-sized denim jacket. Do babies need pockets? Probably not. Is it amazing when their outfits have little pockets on them? Absolutely. This 100% organically grown cotton jacket comes with snaps instead of traditional buttons for a quick on-and-off.

Need more easy outfit inspo? You can see more of babyGap’s full lineup of essentials here.

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