First Look: ecobee’s SmartCamera and SmartThermostat Combo Kit
First Look: ecobee’s SmartCamera and SmartThermostat Combo Kit
August 17, 2021

First Look: ecobee’s SmartCamera and SmartThermostat Combo Kit

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First Look: ecobee’s SmartCamera and SmartThermostat Combo Kit

Baby monitors are incredibly sophisticated these days. With WiFi, you can watch your baby sleep from hundreds of miles away, and even talk to your little one through two-way audio. But most of the newer innovations are designed for newborn sleep. And you may find that once your baby becomes mobile, you want a monitor that does a little more.

Ecobee created their Sweet Dreams Baby Kit so that it could go beyond the nursery—it combines a portable WiFi baby monitor with a Smart Thermostat, allowing you to create a whole home monitoring system (inside your baby’s room and beyond). Babylist Scout Courtney set one up in her house in the video review above.

What It Does

The Sweet Dreams Baby Kit combines three of ecobee’s most popular products (saving you $50 compared to buying them separately):

The SmartCamera

  • The ecobee SmartCamera with voice control is WiFi-enabled, so you can use your phone as the monitor screen (and with 1080p HD video still see your baby super clearly). And continuous audio monitoring means you don’t have to have the app open to hear your baby.
  • This monitor lets you create a “movement perimeter” around your baby’s sleep area. The Activity Zone feature automatically detects crib movement—aka escape attempts—while ignoring things like rustling curtains or a curious cat.
  • Soothing sounds and two-way audio mean you can play white noise directly from the camera and talk to your baby, even when you aren’t at home.

One of the things that sets this monitor apart from others is that it alerts you to movement. Which means it can come in handy when your baby becomes more independent and mobile (like in a playroom setting). And when you no longer need to spy on your baby at all, you can make your front entryway the “movement perimeter” area and turn the SmartCamera into a home security camera.

The SmartThermostat & SmartSensor

  • With the SmartThermostat, you can monitor and control the temperature of your baby’s room right from your phone.
  • Add the SmartSensor and your thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature when it detects someone in the room—so you don’t have to worry about sudden climate changes in your baby’s nursery while they’re sleeping.
  • The thermostat also has a bunch of built-in features that get to know your habits and your home, so that it only uses the energy needed to keep you comfy (saving you money while helping the environment).

As an added bonus, everything in the Sweet Dreams Baby Kit connects with Alexa and Apple Home, so in addition to monitoring your house, you can use voice commands to play music and make phone calls too. And there are bonus privacy features like two-factor authentication to make sure no one can access your baby’s video feed without your permission.

While Courtney found that the SmartCamera set up pretty quickly out of the box, it’s worth noting that the SmartThermostat needs to be wired into your home’s HVAC setup, which definitely requires a bit of tech and home improvement savvy (Courtney was able to contact ecobee’s customer service team to get help with her setup).

Why You’d Want That

Babies change so fast that even the most essential gear can become obsolete as your family’s needs change. But this setup is designed to be flexible and used throughout your home—not just in the nursery. Could you buy a WiFi monitor and smart thermostat and make a kit like this yourself? Yup. But having an interconnected system means you can control everything from one app.

And if you’re only in the market for a baby monitor? At $99, the ecobee SmartCamera strikes a nice balance between feature-filled and affordable, especially when compared to other smart home systems. Watch Courtney’s complete video review to get a more in-depth look at the ecobee SmartCamera and how the Sweet Dreams Baby Kit works together to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

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