Lumi by Pampers Sleep System Review
This System Says It Can Help Your Baby Get More Sleep
April 21, 2020

This System Says It Can Help Your Baby Get More Sleep

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This System Says It Can Help Your Baby Get More Sleep

Figuring out how to get more sleep when you’re already sleep deprived is a little like trying to drive your car to the gas station when the tank is empty. Sometimes you just need to call in a little help. In the past, the only way to get expert sleep tips in the throes of new parenthood was to hire a professional night nurse or sleep coach (aka expensive). But as baby gear gets smarter and smarter, we now have digital night nurses at our fingertips.

Sleep systems like the new Lumi by Pampers kit combine data with personalized tips about your baby’s sleep habits to give you a holistic view of your baby’s ideal sleep routine. Our Babylist Scout Gina tested Lumi’s Ultimate Monitor Bundle with her infant to see if this new tech can really help families create a better sleep routine.

How Lumi Works

With new babies, nighttime and crib-bound sleep is only part of the story. What makes Lumi different from most other infant sleep systems is that it collects information about your baby’s sleep pretty much 24/7—anywhere your baby sleeps. It does this by attaching a special sleep sensor to your baby’s diaper (the one thing babies are almost guaranteed to always be wearing).

Lumi diapers are almost identical to the Pampers Swaddlers you already know, but with a reinforced section that allows the sleep sensor to attach securely. Even though the Lumi sensor is gathering sleep information day and night, it’s only “on” for a few seconds each day (the super low energy used represents less than a one minute call on your smartphone). So you get the full picture of your baby’s sleep schedule—whether they’re snoozing in your arms or taking a quick cat nap on their playmat—without a ton of intrusive technology.

Insights are Everything

If you’re having a hard time wrapping your head about how Lumi works, think about it kind of like you would a fitness bracelet. It isn’t really about the bracelet. Instead, it’s about gathering and delivering information in a way that helps create positive change in your day-to-day routine. So let’s say you’re struggling with daytime naps. Every week you’ll get a sleep insights report with information on your baby’s sleep, plus tips that coach you on how to make improvements:

Lumi Sleep Insights Schedule Screen

And while you could replicate that impact with a journal and a lot of Googling (like so many of us who have gone before), that’s a lot to ask of new parents. Lumi’s automatic insights help you make informed decisions about your baby’s sleep routine, without extra homework.

And for a full picture of your baby’s day, you can manually add your baby’s feeding habits and diaper changes as well (though Lumi automatically tracks and will alert you to wet diapers).

Monitor vs. No Monitor

One of the best features of the Lumi sleep system is the flexibility of use. Because the sleep sensor attaches to a diaper (instead of the camera doing the work), you can gather insights about your baby’s sleep even when they aren’t in their crib. It also means you can use Lumi with any monitor. So if you already have a monitor you love, you can get Lumi’s Complete Sleep Kit for $99 (it includes the sensor and a month of diapers, making it one of the most affordable sleep systems you’ll find).

But if you haven’t registered for a monitor yet, or don’t love the one you have, Lumi’s Ultimate Baby Monitor Bundle is your best value. The Ultimate Baby Monitor Bundle combines the Lumi Sleep Kit with a high-quality WiFi monitor, and costs $70 less than buying them separately. The current five star reviews in the Lumi store should tell you everything you need to know about the quality (or you can just watch Gina’s review for an example of how clear it is. The wide angle and night vision are both top notch).

Having an infant often means guessing at what your baby needs. Are they eating enough? Are they getting enough sleep? Is the swaddle swaddle-y enough? And while that won’t ever go away completely, routines can help calm some of the mental chaos that comes with newborn life. And that’s what Lumi is all about.

As you’ll see in Gina’s review, it helped her get a grasp on her baby’s patterns more quickly, and skip over all the tracking in between. So you can go from guessing to knowing, without a ton of extra work. And when you’ve got a new baby at home, that’s almost as good as having a professional on call.

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