3 Insider Tips for Choosing a Video Baby Monitor
3 Insider Tips for Choosing a Video Baby Monitor
May 18, 2020

3 Insider Tips for Choosing a Video Baby Monitor

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3 Insider Tips for Choosing a Video Baby Monitor.
3 Insider Tips for Choosing a Video Baby Monitor

While they might not be as flashy as newer monitor systems that offer WiFi or sleep tracking, standard video monitors have some upsides: no one is going to hack your WiFi with a video monitor, and sometimes it’s just nice to have your baby gear working independently of your phone (especially if you’re trying to cut back on your own screen time).

But what makes one video monitor better than another? If you’re not a tech expert, it isn’t always easy to tell. We’ve partnered with VAVA—whose new video monitor was created to be extra parent-friendly—to share a few of their insider tips on what to look for when comparing all those online specs:

Little Upgrades Make Big Differences

If you compare an iPhone X to an iPhone from a few years ago, the pictures that once seemed really clear are suddenly less so. The same goes for baby monitors. In just a few years, bigger screens with HD resolution like VAVA’s five-inch monitor have replaced smaller screens with lower resolution, often at the same price. So even though a monitor from a few years ago might have a good reputation, the technology might still be outdated. When comparing features, look for specs like 720p or 1080p (which is just another way to say HD). Bigger, higher quality monitors make it easier to see your baby (and in turn, answer questions like, “Are they actually awake or doing the half-sleep cry?”)

Vava Baby Monitor

Look for Better Battery Life

Battery life is one of those specs that’s easy to gloss over on a product page. But chances are, you’re not always going to be in the same location of your house when checking in on your baby (you may want to peek in on them while cooking dinner or catching up on your nightly Netflix, without having to get up). And your monitor is going to be less helpful if you have to keep it plugged in every few hours.

If you’re the kind of person who only charges your phone once a day and want the same for your baby monitor, look for one like the VAVA monitor with an extended battery life (it lasts 12 hours when in video mode, and 24 hours in audio-only mode, so you only have to charge it once a day).

Another helpful tip for maximizing your monitor’s flexibility: pay attention to the system’s range. Depending on how large your home is (or if you have thick walls), something like VAVA’s 900 foot range can ensure that you’ll still see your baby from across the house.

Babies Don’t Sleep in One Spot

Did you ever notice how every picture of a baby monitor shows an infant that’s wide awake or perfectly asleep in the middle of their crib? In real life, once babies start to roll over, they snooze in all kinds of crazy positions. The more your camera can move, the easier it is to keep an eye on them. So look for systems that offer side-to-side (also known as pan) and up-and-down (also known as tilt) movements. This can also come in handy when your baby gets a little older and you want to be able to keep an eye on them in their bedroom when they’re playing solo.

Choosing a monitor is about figuring out what you need for peace of mind. You may decide you don’t want all the extra bells and whistles available these days. But even if you opt for a standard video setup, the easier it is to see your baby, the more likely it is to deliver on that peace of mind promise. That’s what the VAVA baby monitor was designed to do. With a five-inch screen, 900-foot range and 720p HD video that tilts and pans, the VAVA monitor makes it easy to see your baby no matter where they are (and bonus: it works right out of the box without any techy knowledge required). VAVA also promises a 12-hour battery life in video mode, which means you can keep it without you throughout the day.

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