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What weabout it
This bright and sweet play gym has a unicorn theme and plenty of activities.

About this Product
  • Plush play mat
  • Minky-soft pillow
  • Four detachable sensory toys
  • Detachable toy arch


A soft and brightly colored unicorn-shaped play mat makes a plush play space below a rainbow toy arch. The four detachable hanging toys are designed to stimulate your baby’s developing senses, providing tactile, visual and auditory stimulation. The ice cream cone plays a tune, the rainbow is a rattle, and the cloud is a teether with satin ribbons.

There are multiple textures to explore and the sun toy has a baby-safe mirror in the sun toy to encourage self-recognition. The unicorn’s face is also a pillow covered in minky-soft fabric. This gym is great for overhead play or tummy time, and you can also detach the arch and use the play mat on its own.


  • Ages 0+
  • 24.75” x 26” x 16.5”
  • BPA, PVC, phthalate-free

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April 11, 2019

Smaller than other activity gyms, and I like that the colors are pretty muted rather than being bright or black and white. Pottery Barn has a really cute farm one that we have used and my daughter enjoyed that one more!