4 Easy Clothing Hacks To Make the Most of Your Baby’s Outfits
4 Easy Clothing Hacks To Make the Most of Your Baby’s Outfits
April 20, 2021

4 Easy Clothing Hacks To Make the Most of Your Baby’s Outfits

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4 Easy Clothing Hacks To Make the Most of Your Baby’s Outfits.
4 Easy Clothing Hacks To Make the Most of Your Baby’s Outfits

Picking out clothes for your baby is one of those ultra-delightful daily aspects of parenthood. Tiny human in tiny outfits? Where do we sign up?

But between the blow outs and spit up, babies go through a shocking amount of wardrobe changes, especially in the early days. And they outgrow things faster than seems humanly possible. We’ve partnered with Gerber Childrenswear to share some of the hacks that make your baby’s closet more manageable—and as if it were possible—even more fun.

Pajamas Are Outfits

In the early days of parenthood, when sleep is a rare commodity and your baby is still learning how to keep milk inside their mouth, an easy outfit change is the name of the game. If you don’t want to bother with dressing and undressing a fully outfitted baby, stock up on plenty of pajamas and treat them as daytime attire (with patterns like this, who’s to say they aren’t?). And pro tip? Stick with the kind that zip up. You’ll thank us later.

You can also swap pajamas for one-piece coveralls like the ones below that still offer the convenience of a one-and-done outfit, but with a little more flair (and matching accessories!). As the weather gets warmer, just swap out the long-sleeved version for short-sleeved or sleeveless rompers.

Wear White

You’ll very likely end up receiving clothes that don’t go with anything (think: matching tops and pants that don’t coordinate with the rest of your baby’s closet or one-off hand-me-downs). But a white bodysuit can turn any article of clothing into an outfit. Throw on a pair of pants, a white shirt or bodysuit and a cute drool bib and you’ve got yourself a look.

White bodysuits can also help you extend the life of your favorite outfits. For example, if you have a short-sleeved T-shirt that your baby only grew into during winter months? Layer it over a long-sleeved Onesies Brand bodysuit and you’re ready to roll.

Think Beyond Taupe

Whether you’re opting for a gender-neutral wardrobe or just trying to find outfits that could be handed down to possible future babies of either gender, you don’t need to strip your little one’s closet of color.

Instead, opt for basics like bodysuits and stretchy pants in mix-and-match neutrals and bright pops of color (for example, these multi-pack neutral bottoms come in super handy when you’ve got a bunch of patterned pieces like this or this). Then get creative! Mix patterns like a camo bodysuit with a more traditionally gendered color like a hot pink hat.

A helpful hint: the boys’ department is always a good place to start for bright colors that work well for either gender (and you won’t have to worry about bows and ruffles). But there’s nothing that says you can’t throw out the rulebook and put your little dude in this month’s coolest florals.

Go For the Gift Set

Not everyone loves playing personal stylist (especially on a few hours sleep). If your goal is simply to get your baby dressed in the morning using as little brain power as possible, register for matching multi-piece gift sets like this. They’re already designed to coordinate with each other, so all you have to do is put them together.

Plan for Drool

One of the easiest clothing hacks of them all is to protect the cute outfits with accessories. Drool bibs can come in handy when your little one is teething, and burp cloths will protect both your babies clothes and yours. (It also helps to keep a spare shirt for yourself within arms reach of wherever you feed the most! But we’ll file that under adult clothing hacks.)

Want more help figuring out your baby’s wardrobe needs? Figure out how much to register for right here.

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