15 Genius Baby Products To Make Your Life Easier

15 Genius Baby Products To Make Your Life Easier

Last Updated: August 29, 2016
When you have a young baby, there will be plenty of days when you wonder how you made it through with only one pair of hands. These clever products won’t quite give you a second set of hands, but they’ll come close.15 Genius Baby Products To Make Your Life Easier

Taking care of a baby is hard work. When you have a young baby, there will be plenty of days when you wonder how you made it through with only one pair of hands. These clever products won’t quite give you a second set of hands, but they’ll come close. And with BabyList, you can add anything, from any store, onto one registry–so you can request as many of these genius products as you want.


DockATot Deluxe Dock - $165.00

This pillow is designed to feel just like a womb, so your little one can rest extra peacefully within it: their “startle reflex” will wake them up less. It’s great for moving them from room to room without waking them up. You can also prop up their arms on the bumper to give them “tummy time” (which is good for them to develop their neck strength and motor skills). No pillow has ever been so perfectly designed for a baby.

Door Silencer - $6.95

You know that moment when you slip into baby’s room to check that he’s okay? You tiptoe across the room, holding your breath so you won’t wake him. He’s sleeping peacefully, so you sneak out again, and as you carefully, carefully, close the door, the latch clicks — and baby screams. Well, the door silencer prevents that. This clever invention is a piece of fabric that hooks over your door handle and wraps over the door latch. It stops the door from latching, so there’s no noisy click when you close the door.

TopLite LED Night Light - $13.99

This nightlight is a bestseller in nursery gear because it provides EXACTLY the amount of light you need to tiptoe around baby’s room without bashing your shins: no more, no less. Dark enough for baby to sleep, yet light enough for parents to get organized: what could be more perfect? To top it off, the bulb never needs changed and it automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.


Puj Hug Hands Free Hooded Infant Towel - $34.99

This towel solves the problem of having to juggle baby in one hand and a towel in the other. You use two machine-washable silicone tabs to lock the towel around the back of your neck: it will hang down and protect your torso from baby’s splashing while you wash your little one. When you’ve finished washing, you can lay your baby against the towel on your chest, and then reach down, pick up the hood, and drape it over baby’s head. At this point, baby will be covered both front and back by the towel: no juggling necessary as you wrap and cuddle further. The towel is also super snuggly and soft, perfect for loose swaddling.

Tummy Tub - $47.95

The Tummy Tub may not look like your idea of a relaxing bath, but your baby would say it is. This upright, see-through basin lets your baby relax in a position similar to the one she enjoyed in the womb. Even if your baby dislikes baths, the Tummy Tub might help her have a change of heart.

Baby On the Go

Lalabu - $70.00

The Lalabu is a new type of baby carrier. The way it holds baby is similar to a wrap, but unlike a wrap, you don’t wear it over your clothing: it is your clothing. You’ll no longer be sweltering in the heat from wearing layers of both shirt and wrap. When you want to carry baby skin-to-skin, the Lalabu is the perfect solution. Your baby will have the easiest time hearing your comforting heartbeat.

The Washable and Squashable Travel High Chair - $28.95

Say goodbye to the stress of hunting down germy or broken high chairs at the restaurant. This product adapts to fit all types of chairs and babies from 8-30 months old. It has a three point adjustable safety harness, fastens with easy clips rather than knots, and fits easily in your diaper bag. If your trunk is full to bursting already with your baby’s gear, this can be the perfect solution for your travel.


Sock Ons - $12.99

It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside; most babies hate socks. But as much as you enjoy counting your baby’s toes, you don’t want to see his bare feet when it’s freezing outside. Sock-ons will prevent even the most determined barefoot baby from pulling his socks off, so his toes will stay cozy and warm.

Teething Bling - $22.00

We all know how much babies love to grab and chew. For that reason, most moms don’t wear jewelry when their children are young. So Teething Bling has provided a brilliant solution: pendants, bangles, and keychains made from the same silicone as most teething toys! There are no harmful chemicals like phthalates, BPAs, PVCs, lead, or latex, and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp as an added safety measure. Although we’re showing the bronze-colored design here, the website offers endless options to suit everyone’s sense of fashion.


Mixie Formula-Mixing Baby Bottle - 8 oz - $19.85

This bottle is super convenient for formula-feeding parents because you can measure out the portions of formula in advance and grab a bottle that’s all ready to go.The formula is stored in a separate compartment on the bottle; when ready to feed, simply push the bottom of the bottle and the formula will be released. The kit includes a bottle, a formula dispenser attachment, and an anti-colic nipple with cap. Quick, simple and smart.

Lil Helper Baby Bottle Holder - $13.99

Sometimes you just need two hands. At home or on the go, Lil Helper Baby Bottle Holder offers a safe, easy way to keep your little one entertained and nursing while you drive, answer urgent phone calls, or complete daily tasks. Its ergonomic design matches your baby’s natural nursing posture and its BPA-free, solid construction snugly holds most bottle sizes.


Grapple Toy Tether - $19.99

Your baby thinks throwing his toys on the floor and crying til you pick them up again is the most fun game in the world. You might not enjoy this game for very long. The Grapple Toy Tether prevents toys from falling to the ground, so your baby can throw, pick up, and observe gravity in action without your constant help.

Munch Mitt - $18.99

Tired of having to constantly pick up the teething toys your baby has dropped? This teether mit has a textured and flexible silicone surface that provides soothing teething relief–and since it’s literally attached to your baby’s hand, they can’t drop it. Woo-hoo!

Pully Palz Pacifier Holder - $19.99

Tired of finding your baby’s dropped pacifiers under the furniture? The Pully Palz Pacifier Holder not only keeps pacifiers from getting lost; it turns them into another kind of toy. Babies love yanking on their Pully Palz! It can be attached to almost any baby carrier, and hold almost any pacifier brand. Such a simple way to bring down the chaos.

Bright Starts Bright Starts Lots of Links - $4.49

These aren’t just brightly colored and entertaining toys: they’re endlessly practical and versatile clips. The most common use for them is to attach toys to strollers, high chairs, and carriers. However, parents have also used them to hold curtains open, secure diaper bags on a stroller, hang purses from the edges of tables, and hold measuring cups and spoons together. Babies have used them as teethers, bracelets, and rattles. This is by far the most multi-purpose item on our list.