Must Have Baby Items That Are Sheer Genius
15 Genius Baby Products To Make Your Life Easier
October 16, 2017

15 Genius Baby Products To Make Your Life Easier

15 Genius Baby Products To Make Your Life Easier.
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Being a parent is hard, but these products will make your day just a bit easier.15 Genius Baby Products To Make Your Life Easier

Let’s face it—taking care of baby can come with a lot of challenges. From getting baby to sleep more soundly to making bathtime easier to relieving stuffy noses, there’s a lot to navigate. While these clever products won’t necessarily solve all your parenting pain points, they’ll definitely help make life with baby a little easier. You might find yourself wondering how you ever lived without them.

An Extra Set of Hands

Babies want to be held All. The. Time. But every now and then, you’re going to have put baby down and get things done. That’s where this genius seat comes in. Designed to move the way parents do, it has five different motions and speeds to soothe baby and keep them happy so you can have your hands back for a few minutes. It also comes with white-noise sounds and is Bluetooth enabled.

A Favorite Dozer

Babies love snuggly spots that remind them of the good old days in the womb. The DockATot delivers that cozy, secure vibe…and then some. It’s a comfy place for little ones up to eight months old to snooze, play, do tummy time and even have a diaper change. Perfect for home or travel, you’ll want to take this lightweight, portable lounger everywhere you go.

A Smart Night Light

This nightlight is a smart product for the nursery because it provides exactly the amount of light you need to tiptoe around baby’s room without bashing your shins—no more, no less. Dark enough for baby to sleep, yet light enough for parents to get organized—what could be more perfect? To top it off, the bulb never needs changing, and it automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

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The No-Juggle Baby Towel

This towel solves the problem of having to juggle baby in one hand and a towel in the other. You use the two machine-washable silicone tabs to lock the towel around the back of your neck (it will hang down and protect your torso from baby’s splashing while you wash your little one). When you’ve finished bathing, you can lay your baby against the towel on your chest, then reach down, pick up the hood and drape it over baby’s head. At this point, baby will be covered both front and back by the towel—no juggling necessary as you wrap and cuddle further.

A Hands-On Teether

What do babies love to chew on when they’re teething? Their own hands. That’s what makes the Munch Mitt so genius. The BPA- and phthalate-free silicone teether fits on baby’s hand (left or right, they’re interchangeable) so they get to teethe on what they enjoy. It also makes a crinkle noise, so baby is entertained as they munch away.

A Space-Saving Tub

What makes the Boon Naked different from other basin-style bathtubs? The tub has a recline position on one end for bathing newborns, and it expands back down easily for when baby is ready to sit up in the bath. It has a slip-resistant base and a drain plug, can sit atop the kitchen counter, on the floor or in the bathtub and can be used well into toddlerhood, making it a long-lasting investment. Between bathtimes, the tub collapses flat and can hang for storage, ideal for small spaces. Some parents recommend using a sponge insert, to prevent your little one from slipping down the sides of this tub.

One-Stop Feeding

Bottles that help streamline a pumping mom’s life? Sign us up. You can pump directly into these BPA-free bottles, which means you can pump, store and feed baby all with one bottle. The bottles are compatible with all Medela breast pumps, and this set comes with nipples, as well as screw-on lids for leak-proof storage, travel and freezing.

A Sock Solution

It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside—most babies hate socks. And as much as you enjoy counting those wiggling baby toes, you don’t want their feet bare when it’s freezing outside. Sock Ons go on over baby’s socks, preventing even the most determined little one from pulling their socks off, keeping toes cozy and warm.

Formula On-the-Go

This bottle is super convenient for formula-feeding parents because you measure out the portions of formula in advance and grab a bottle that’s all ready to go. The formula is stored in a separate compartment on the bottle; when you’re ready to feed, simply push the bottom of the bottle and the formula will be released. The kit includes a bottle, a formula dispenser attachment and an anti-colic nipple with cap. Quick, simple and smart.

Warm It Up

When your hungry baby is crying, waiting for a bottle to warm can seem like eons. Enter the Quick Serve Bottle Warmer. It safely heats up formula and breast milk evenly (no hot spots!) in just minutes. The unique design fits most bottles, including angled and wide-necked varieties, and it comes with a small basket you can use to heat jars of baby food or sterilize pacifiers. The warmer automatically shuts off, which comes in handy during sleepy nighttime feedings.

The Take-Anywhere Highchair

No more hunting down high chairs at restaurants or wondering where baby will eat at friends’ houses. This portable highchair hooks on to most tables, has a five-point adjustable safety harness and supports children up to 33 lbs. The removable seat is washable, and the chair comes with a storage container for transport. It’s also great for small kitchens or dining rooms.

Closest to a Real Cup

This smart sippy cups features a 360-degree design and a flat lid (read: no spout) that slowly lets out liquid when your child presses down on it, and then automatically reseals when not in use. By skipping a spout, your child learns to sip from the rim of a cup faster. Plus, this design helps prevent spills on the rug or down the front of your little one. The plastic version is BPA free, and there’s also a stainless steel option.

Easy Cleaner

Why do parents love this diaper changer? It’s squishy and curved to comfortably fit baby. It’s easy to move around from nursery to living room to parents’ room. It’s also modern and sleek. But the best part? It’s water resistant and so easy to clean—there are no additional changing pad covers to change and wash. Diaper-changing messes are bound to happen, and this makes wiping them away easy.

A Multi-Use Baby Gate

When little ones get to the crawling stage, you turn your head for one second and away they go. This extra-large gate is great for keeping babies or toddlers secure in a stand-alone frame or away from things they shouldn’t touch, like a fireplace or book shelf. You can easily set it up in a variety of shapes and sizes (it encloses up to 19 square feet!), and it folds down to a compact size for easy transport and storage. Good for use indoors or out.

The Sick-Time Savior

Sure, it sounds gross, but parents swear by this nasal aspirator to clear baby’s stuffy nose. Just place the large tube at the base of your child’s nostril and use the red mouthpiece to suck the snot out (yep, that’s how it works). But don’t worry—it comes with disposable filters so no germs (or anything else!) transfer to parents.

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