Free Baby Shower Printables That are Actually Fun

Baby Shower Printables

April 25, 2016

Baby Shower Printables

Baby Shower Printables
These baby shower games are fun, free, and way better than measuring the mom-to-be’s growing bump.Baby Shower Printables

We’ve all been to a baby shower where you play games that no one really wants to play like “Try the Baby Food” and “Guess Mommy’s Tummy Size.” Let’s be honest: no woman wants to know how big her tummy is, pregnant or not.

But not all activities at a shower are a total bust. You just need to pick the right ones. Whether you’re hosting your own or hosting for a friend, here are some cute printables to add an extra special touch to the baby shower without getting out the measuring tape.

Wishes for Baby

This is a sweet activity for your guests to do for your baby. Everyone has the opportunity to write what they wish for your child, then put it into the container of your choice (maybe a fishbowl or piggy-bank?). If you are part of a family who likes to share, the mother or grandmother read the sentiments out loud. These are great to hold on to for your child to read in the future, or if you’re a scrapbooker, add them to your scrapbook with the pictures of your guests next to their wishes.

HelloBabyPrintables V2-Wishes

Download the Wishes for Baby printable

Baby Mad Libs

These Mad Libs are a great game to play at a baby shower! Your funniest friends can read them outloud to keep the mood light and festive, and some wise souls might give you good advice, too.


Download our favorite Baby Mads libs printable

Birth Predictions

Since bystanders have been guessing your due date, baby’s gender, and potential names for months now, give your closest friends and family a shot, too. It can be fun to include prizes to send your friend guessed correctly after the shower. (Make sure your shower host is handling the prize since you won’t want to be mailing anything in the days after your baby arrives.)

HelloBabyPrintables V2-Predictions

Download our Birth Predictions printable *** The important things are great food and good friends, and remember that your baby shower should be about you and your baby.

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