Best Toddler Rain Boots of 2020
Best Toddler Rain Boots
March 14, 2019

Best Toddler Rain Boots

Best Toddler Rain Boots .
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What little kid doesn't love splashing in rain puddles? With these toddler rain boots—from bargain to expensive—kids can have fun in the rain while still keeping their feet dry. Best Toddler Rain Boots

During wet weather, a good pair of toddler rain boots is essential for running errands or jumping in puddles with glee (you can only stay inside for so long!).

The same rules for buying baby and toddler shoes apply to purchasing rain boots for your little one:

  1. Get your child’s feet measured for the correct size.
  2. Try the boots on and look for signs of irritation on your child’s foot.
  3. Make sure there’s space between your child’s toes and the tip of the shoe (about the width of one finger).

Take a look at these shops and brands for rain boots that can weather a storm.

Easy Pull-Ons

Your little one will have no problem pulling on a pair of these boots because of their easy-to-grab side handles. Even better? The contoured footbed has moisture-wicking material that keeps feet dry and keeps odors from developing. Choose from a variety of fun colors and patterns, from honeybees to big rigs.

Additional Specs
Sizes 4 Baby-13T

Iconic Brand

Come spring and fall, Hunter boots are plastered across every fashionista’s Instagram. Now your tyke can sport them too. The toddler version has a flatter sole and a rounder shape, which makes them a cinch for tots to walk in. And, a wide shaft makes it easier to pull them on and off. The boots come in a variety of colors and finishes, including glitter, gloss and matte.

Additional Specs
Sizes 5T-Kids 2

Lightweight Galoshes

Crocs aren’t just for summer fun, and these boots prove it. Fully waterproof and lighter than traditional rubber boots, these kicks can handle rain and mud like a champ. Their foam construction provides cushiony support for hours of outdoor play.

Additional Specs
Sizes 6T-Kids 3

Super-Cute Styles

Mother Nature is no match for a toddler with cabin fever and a pair of rain boots, especially when they come in adorable styles your little one is eager to wear. You can find cute Cat & Jack toddler rain boots at Target in sorts of fun designs.

Additional Specs
Sizes 5T-12T

One Boot to Rule Them All

The Butler brand takes rain boots to the next level—and price tag. Waterproof and non-slip, these pull-ons have cozy liners that keep your child’s feet dry and toasty in snowy conditions. Come spring, remove the liners and slip the rubber boot over your little one’s shoes (any shoe!) for full rain protection. Then use the liners on their own as house slippers. Most incredible: dirty boots can go in the dishwasher and the liners can be tossed in the washing machine.

Additional Specs
Sizes 5T-3 Kids

Pretty in Pink

Sweet and simple patterns like this rose print—perfect for flower fans—adorn these classic rubber rain boots your kiddo will want to wear all the time, rain or shine. The insole is lined with breathable cotton and removable, so if it gets wet you can take it out to air dry. The bonus? The boots come packaged in a reusable drawstring bag for easy toting. (Note: London Littles rain boots may run slightly small so size up when in doubt.)

Additional Specs
Sizes 5T-Kids 3

Duck Boots for Toddlers

Adorable and functional, these duck boot-style shoes are another pair that work in both rain and snowy conditions. The lacing allows for a secure fit, but the side zipper makes it easy to get on and off little feet. Micro-fleece lining provides warmth, while the rubber bottom gives the traction needed to prevent slipping.

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