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The Best Toddler Rain Boots to Make a Splash
March 15, 2024

The Best Toddler Rain Boots to Make a Splash

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The Best Toddler Rain Boots to Make a Splash.
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The Best Toddler Rain Boots to Make a Splash

Being stuck inside on a rainy day is no fun, especially if you’ve got an antsy toddler on your hands. You can only set up so many crafts and offer so many snacks before things start getting wild. I stumbled across a book called “There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather” when my first was a baby and it changed my perspective on what the weather means for outdoor play. With the right rain jacket, pair of shoes and a pint-sized umbrella, they’ll be ready to play outside no matter the forecast.

A great pair of rain boots will keep your little one’s feet dry and keep them safe when walking on slippery surfaces.

Babylist’s Picks for the Best Toddler Rain Boots

Here are our favorite splash-worthy rain boots for toddlers.

Best Slip-Resistant Toddler Rain Boots

Slippery paths are no match for these toddler rain boots from Totes. They’re slip-resistant, waterproof, super lightweight and made from a proprietary material which means they’re also really lightweight. They hit about mid-calf which helps keep little legs and feet warm and dry. They’re also machine washable!

Additional Specs
Sizing: 5-6T(1-2 yrs) - 11-12T(4-5 yrs)

Best Tall Toddler Rain Boots

Hatley makes a great pair of classic rain boots. These are made with vulcanized rubber, which means they’re super durable, waterproof and slip-resistant. Muddy puddles are no match for these high-quality boots. From vibrant unicorns to traditional yellow, they come in a wide variety of fun color options. Hatley also makes liners that you can add to your toddler’s boots for extra insulation. We also love their sherpa-lined version for even more warmth.

Additional Specs
Sizing: 5-9

Best Toddler Rain Boots for Puddle Splashing

These boots were made for puddles, literally. They hit about mid-calf to knee-high depending on how tall your toddler is and even have a little heel to provide extra lift for the deepest puddles. They also have firefighter-style handles which make them easy to pull on and a reflective triangle at the back for increased visibility. One thing to note: these rain boots come in whole sizes, so if your toddler is between you’ll want to order the next size up.

Additional Specs
Sizing: 5-9

Best Toddler Rain Boots With Pull-On Handles

If you’ve got a toddler who is in the “I can do it myself” phase, these are the boots for them. Designed with kids in mind, the large handles foster independence and there are a ton of fun, bright colors and prints to choose from. The durable rubber soles provide slip resistance, allowing them to safely splash and explore. They’re also an excellent option for younger toddlers since sizing begins at size four.

Additional Specs
Sizing: 4 Toddler-4 Big Kid

Best Low-Profile Toddler Rain Boots

Rain boots can feel clunky and hard to walk in, especially for younger toddlers. This is where a low-profile design, like these rubber rain boots from Cat & Jack, can come in handy. Wearing shorter boots means they won’t be tall enough to stand up to splashing in puddles; however, they do make a good option for days when you’ll be out and about and need a waterproof shoe option to keep dry.

Additional Specs
Sizing: 5T-10T

Best Lightweight Toddler Rain Boots

With the same lightweight, squishy feel as regular Crocs, these toddler rain boots are easy to walk in and comfortable. We also love the oversized handles which will help your toddler pull them on all by themselves. The waterproof synthetic material rinses off and dries quickly, keeping your toddler’s feet dry and making these easy to clean. These lightweight rain boots come in both toddler and big kid sizes.

Additional Specs
Sizing: 6T-10T; Little Kids 1-13

Best Affordable Toddler Rain Boots

You don’t have to spend a ton to get a nice pair of functional rain boots for your toddler. Wonder Nation’s rain boots are an affordable option that will keep their feet (and legs) dry, and the slip-resistant bottoms will allow them to safely explore slippery surfaces. Plus the sleek, simple design means they’ll match any outfit. Splash away!

Additional Specs
Sizing: 5-10

Best All-Weather Toddler Boots

If you live in a climate that experiences all four seasons, you’ll want to look for insulated boots for your toddler. These Sperry toddler boots are ready for whatever weather comes your way, whether it’s pouring rain or sprinkling snow. The vulcanized bottom material makes them flexible yet supportive and the cushioned insole keeps their toes warm. And don’t worry, the laces are just for added style–these boots have a convenient side zipper which makes them easier to get on little feet.

Additional Specs
Sizing: 6-10

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