The Best Toys to Teach Letters
The Best Toys to Teach Letters
March 10, 2020

The Best Toys to Teach Letters

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The Best Toys to Teach Letters.
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The Best Toys to Teach Letters

Learning the alphabet carries with it some pretty big toddler street cred–it’s a rite of passage that most kids are proud to show off (loudly) as soon as they master the infamous ABC song. And while there are a lot of toys available to help them along, it’s hard to know what’s worthwhile of taking up space in your playroom.

These are the toys we recommend as the best of the best to teach your little one the alphabet and letter recognition and to set the stage for early literacy.

Made Just for You

Part learning toy and part nursery decor, this personalized wooden name puzzle is a fun and easy way to introduce kids to letters and name recognition. Each puzzle is handmade from high-quality birch wood, and there are six custom color schemes to choose from to make it all your own.

Splash and Learn

Take letter learning to the tub! These colorful, oversized foam letters and numbers float and stick to the side of the tub or the shower wall when wet. They’re just right for adding some fun—and some early learning concepts—to bath time.

Fridge Phonics

LeapFrog has a ton of great learning toys for babies and toddlers, but this fridge magnet is one of our all-time favorites. It’s not the quietest (sorry!), but toddlers love fitting the letter tiles into place and singing along to the phonics-based sounds and songs.

Flash Cards Gone Modern

The classic flash card gets a modern twist in this animal-based ABC set from Mudpuppy. Each double-sided, laminated card has a letter of the alphabet on one side and an animal on the other, along with upper and lowercase letters and other words that begin with the featured letters. The animal art is fun and eye-catching, and it’s all held together with a reclosable ring so you can separate the cards if you’d like.

Rhyme Time

“A told B and B told C, I’ll meet you at the top of the coconut tree!” This rhyming ABC classic has been teaching children the alphabet for more than 20 years. This board book version is sturdy enough for even the littlest readers.

Sensory Learning

Low tech doesn’t have to equal low fun. When your toddler uses the magnetic pen to trace over the letters, the beads pop to the surface (and make a satisfying little click along the way) and reveal the letter beneath. There are no batteries to replace and everything is self-contained so you don’t have to worry about the beads falling out.

Towering Alphabet Fun

It’s no secret that we love blocks and their many benefits for babies and toddlers—and this ABC version makes us love them even more. Made by Uncle Goose, the brand behind some of our favorite, most unique sets, these handcrafted wooden blocks feature letters along with numbers, symbols and patterns. They come in a pull-wagon box and are an heirloom-quality toy you’ll use for years.


Kids love self-correcting puzzles because they give them the feeling of mastering a task. (“Self-correcting” in this case just means that there’s only one match for every letter/picture puzzle piece.) We love this one because it’s a fun, easy way for toddlers to learn their ABCs. The puzzle is made from wood and includes a small box to keep everything organized.

Popsicle ABC

These pretend popsicles make learning upper and lowercase letters fun and easy. Each capital letter pop has a lowercase match–perfect for teaching the ABCs but also for building hand muscles and improving fine motor skills. Just make sure no one tries to eat them!

Bend, Shape and Learn

One of our go-to toys for planes, restaurants or whenever we need a fun distraction, the ABC version of Wikki Stix adds a layer of learning to what’s already a fantastic toy all by itself. This pack comes with 36 Stix (soft, pliable wax sticks that won’t dry out) and 26 letter cards where kids can build their letters using the sticks. It’s an effective, hands-on way of learning ABCs that’s a nice change of pace from lots of other similar alphabet toys.

Touch and Learn

If you’re looking for an electronic toy that can grow with your little one from the baby days through the toddler years, the Touch and Teach Word Book is a good choice. Each page reacts to your baby or toddler’s touch with sounds, music and words, and there are lots of different ways to play.

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