Expensive Baby Products That Are Worth It

11 Crazy Expensive Baby Products That Are Totally Worth It

December 4, 2017

11 Crazy Expensive Baby Products That Are Totally Worth It

11 Crazy Expensive Baby Products That Are Totally Worth It
Photo by Happiest Baby
In some very rare cases, you do really get what you pay for.11 Crazy Expensive Baby Products That Are Totally Worth It

When researching products for your little one, you, of course, want only the best. But the hefty price tags on many high-end baby goods just might give you sticker shock. That being said, these top-of-the-line items are actually worth the money! Here’s why…

The Ultimate Hiking Carrier

Active outdoorsy parents will absolutely love this high-quality hiking carrier, which is not only ergonomically friendly for them, but comfortable for baby, as well. It has four different carrying positions to fit every stage of baby’s development, from newborn to 3 years. Its sturdy design is made to withstand the elements, with enough breathability to keep you and baby from overheating. There are also easy-to-access pockets on the straps so you can store small essentials like keys and pacifiers, as well as your water bottle.

A Movable Mattress

This is a must-have for cuddling or playing with baby. It’s great if you’re looking for something to help transition your little one into a big bed. The outer tube acts as bed rails to keep your older kiddo snug and secure when they move to a larger bed (just make sure you don’t use it in a crib), and the soft fabric is breathable and hypoallergenic. You can even use it as a lounge pillow for a smaller baby when on-the-go. For babies 9-36 months and/or 22-40 lbs.

A Sleeptime Baby Soother

If you’ve read The Happiest Baby on the Block (which we highly recommend), you know that Dr. Harvey Karp is basically a miracle worker when it comes to calming an irritable infant. Well, he’s invented a genius crib that’s not only one of the safest on the market, but also can help quiet a crying baby. Seriously! This bassinet actually detects when your little one is wailing, and turns on sounds and movement that mimic the womb, lulling your baby back to sleep. It also has an attachable, breathable swaddle that keeps your child on their back. You can’t put a price tag on precious sleep!

Another Set of Eyes and Ears

This baby monitor has it all, and is the first to have three different lens types, so you can watch your baby in normal, wide or zoom angle. The small monitor also has a color LCD screen with a clear image, so you might even be able to see if their nose is still runny. It has a ton of advanced technological features as well, including a pan/tilt function on the camera, night vision, room temperature sensor and a talk-back function so you can speak to your little one without having to get out of your own cozy bed.

A Spa-Suitable Bath Basin

Say so long to cumbersome baby tubs that take up half of your bathroom! This collapsible bath folds down flat, with a hook that allows it to dry on your shower wall or back of the door. It also has two different support positions so it works with both newborns and older infants. Also important: it’s BPA- and phthalate-free.

An Easy, Breezy Travel Crib

Ditch the old-school pack-n-play for this superlight crib that’s easy to set up and easy to break down. It comes with its own compact carrying case, so you’ll have less to lug around and has a cool streamlined look. Plus, it’s made with non-toxic materials so you know your little one (up to 3 years) will sleep snuggly and safely.

A High-Tech, Low-Fuss Breast Pump

This hospital-grade pump has a stimulation mode and an expression mode, which allow you to pump more milk in less time. Who wouldn’t want that? It also has a quiet function that keeps the volume down when you’re trying to be discreet. Another great feature: if you have a compatible smartphone, it connects with the MyMedela app, giving you personalized information on your milk supply and baby’s feeding habits.

A Diaper Pail That Actually Seals in the Stench

There’s nothing worse than a can full of stinky diapers, but the powder-coated steel design of this diaper pail totally locks in the odor. It also has rubber seals and a sliding lid, both of which keep the smell inside. Yes, it’s spendy, but instead of throwing money away on pricey diaper pail bags some other pails require, you can use your standard kitchen bags, so you might even save a few bucks in the end.

An Extra Set of Hands

Babies want to be held All. The. Time. But every now and then, you’re going to have put baby down and get things done. That’s where this genius seat comes in. Designed to move the way parents do, it has five different motions and speeds to soothe baby and keep them happy so you can have your hands back for a few minutes. It also comes with white-noise sounds and is Bluetooth enabled.

A Quiet Cool Mist Creation

During the winter months, dry air can make cold symptoms worse, or even create a cough. A cool air humidifier keeps the air hydrated, so your little one can rest easy. This top-of-the-line product boosts a room’s moisture for up to 24 hours, and automatically turns itself off when it runs out of water. It’s also extremely quiet so it won’t disrupt your baby’s sleep.

A Bottle Warmer That Does It All

Whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding, this brilliant gadget warms your baby’s milk using exactly the right method to preserve the nutrients, with both a water-warming function and a steam function. It’s also compatible with a smartphone app that lets you know when the milk is ready, so you don’t have to stand over the thing. The Baby Brezza serves as a food warmer as well, giving it a longer life for when your baby starts solids.

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